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 So what does it mean to have a Panty Fetish?

Panties are without a doubt a female’s most exciting and interesting piece of clothing. Panties hold all the scent and smell that makes a woman a woman.

Panty fetish guide

The Panty is the item of clothing that is closest to a female body. So it should come as no surprise that the majority of men are turned on by women in wearing sexy knickers

So, in short, having a panty fetish is the fact that you are sexually aroused by female underwear.

This is why so many men enjoy buying females used knickers online, they get  to taste and smell the aroma of the woman’s juices and feel a closeness to her

I say female because it is really more evident amongst males however some ladies do also have a thing for smelly used panties and they also enjoy this particular fetish as well. Sometimes, this obsession may culminate in the collection and sharing of panties.

Panties that are made of soft materials or silky material that men just love to touch really does remind them of being close to a woman.

Other guys enjoy wearing female lingerie just to have the fabrics close to their skin.

To the panty enthusiast, having the ladies pantie rubbing against the erection is the ultimate high.

Some guys just adore the fetish and fantasy that comes with pinching the knickers. That scary feeling and fear of maybe getting caught when you are picking or wearing female underwear.

How do you know if you have a knicker fetish?

The Top classic signs you should look out for include:

  • Are you overly excited to go lingerie shopping with your girlfriend/wife/Mistress?
  • Do you hope your partner wears her panties to bed?
  • Do you prefer to eat pussy through panties?
  • Do you fantasize about stealing knickers from a washing line/colleague etc?
  • Have you gone through the laundry basket looking for used panties to sniff?
  • When online you can’t help but look at the lingerie section in catalogues
  • When a female passes you, you wonder what her knickers are like and what they smell like.
  • When viewing porn you prefer when girls have their panties on to start with

If any of these points describe you then id say you have a thing for ladies underwear.

This is very useful to Uk mistress Live as she can tease you about that as well as send you her panties to play with online

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I enjoy teasing while wearing my black thong, pulling it tight into me so you get to taste up close and personal.

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