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Cuckold  Phonesex Chat

 Are you a little cuckold that needs to speak to your UK Mistress right away? Then pick up the phone and chat right now.

Let Mistress tell you how you will never compare to her real man husband and how you are just pathetic, or perhaps you want to tell Mistress how your partner has sex with other men? No matter the scenario, the Uk mistress is here waiting to chat with you on the phone.

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This cuckold phone sex page will be all about humiliating some of my pathetic little online cuckolds. Check out my  cuckold phone sex page here

Mistress loves to have Master as part of these cuckold phone sessions as he has a lovely big juicy 9-inch cock that makes Mistress happy compared to some of her useless pathetic little cucks she has to speak to on a daily basis Check out the  UK phone sex line here

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Cuckolds on webcam, cuckold webcam shows Mistress loves nothing more than to abuse her pathetic little cucks on the phone line and in the presence of Master if I feel you need to be reminded what a real man is like.

Mistress has had many cuckold phone sex sessions and loves nothing more than to abuse them and laugh and torment them.

I love all sorts of cuckolds and all sorts of different scenarios from you are not able to please your wife/girlfriend and now she has moved on to find a new guy as you “pathetic one” just don’t do it at all for her and let’s face it she deserves better.


Domination, humiliation, fetish, roleplay, fantasy, BDSM, phone chat

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Maybe you can be the “fluffer” or the servant to clean them? Maybe your job will be to get him hard so he can fuck your wife/GF, maybe you need to clean up after? Maybe you need to be made to watch them or to listen to them.

Perhaps you and your wife/girlfriend have been discussing doing this for real and need some guidance? if so then phone/call me and let’s discuss it.

Perhaps you need to be dressed like a sissy in chastity and made to watch them as they have fun?

Perhaps you need to be my Cuck and let Master and I tease and torment you. Or it may be a mixture of them all.

Mistress loves it kinky and nasty and as imaginative as possible and exploring and pushing limits is what Mistress does best.

I will be making blogs for every different cuck so others can follow your situation and comment on them. In the meantime, Mistress will add some pictures here and a couple of stories from cucks.

Karen, you can just tell by looking at this picture how pathetic this cuck really is. In fact, I could not even bear to look at him so covered his face with this shower cap.

Domination, humiliation, fetish, roleplay, fantasy, BDSM, phone chat

The cock was about 3 inches if that is another small penis loser. Master, I had so much fun degrading this cuck. We made him get on the webcam and tell everyone he was a pathetic loser that cannot please any women. He was made to serve us dinner in bed and feed us both grapes and wine as we had fun. He was tied and left at the bottom of the bed where useless little dicks should be.

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