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Call Uk Mistress Vonn For private, premium rate sex chats, Kinky adult phone chats with a British Femdom who enjoys all areas of BDSM, Kink, Vanilla, Fetishes, Fantasy and  Roleplay chats.


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 Uk Mistress Phone chats with the best sex chats with kinky roleplay, fantasy sex chats, and slave and sissy training live now. I am ready to use and abuse my slaves by phone. I am waiting for losers like you. Are you prepared to submit to your powerful Mistress live now? Are you ready to become my puppet on a string? More  adult chat cam here if you prefer cams to phone sex

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Dedicated to the arts of Dominance and Submission, Sadistic Delights, Bondage and Discipline, S&M, Fetishism and Consensual Power Exchange – Check out the  phonesex Uk lines for real kinky phonesex chats with British girls


Are you ready to show me what a true slave, sissy, sub, slut you are? Well, look no further than this Mistress Online. I have been an online Mistress and a pro Domme for many years, and I know how to get the most out of my pathetic weak slaves. You can call me on the number above and get ready to submit it to me. See more   horny phone sex lines here.

Submissive rules – Make sure to read them, boys!

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I’m a nasty sadistic Mistress who gets pleasure from inflicting pain! If you want to see me whip, kick, use and abuse useless creatures like you, then you better fucking call me now.
If you want to see me dressed in rubber, PVC, latex, and leather, this is right where you need to be.

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  If any of my bitches disobey me, you get to see how much I love to punish them; watch me laugh at their pain and suffering while I slap and beat them, showing no mercy.
I want to own your ass, so get ready to be dominated! View my submissive training

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I am a Dominant Woman and a Sadist, not a female supremacist or man-hater. Strongly adhering to the creed of “Safe, Sane and Consensual”, I have chosen to add the word “Fun” to this creed.  


My interests are varied and include such activities as Caning, Bondage & Discipline, Sensual to Savage Corporal Punishment, Electro-Play, Sissy Training and Feminization, CBT, Flogging, Spanking, Trampling, Play Piercings  And Other Devilish Delights.  

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I also do nonpremium rate calls where you can pay me via cash app or bank transfer. This is for audio or phone chat only, where I will supply you with my number to call me. You can add me on skype if this is something you want to do

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Ready to submit?

Be a good boy and get on your knees.

Here at UKISTRESSLIVE, I will treat you like the naughty sub you are. I cater to many fetishes and have Mistress phone sex who will push your limits and help you explore beyond them. You will receive pleasure like you never have before, and more importantly, you will learn that the simple act of serving another is the greatest pleasure of all.

What are domination and submission?

BDSM, otherwise known as D&S or dominance and submission, is about power exchange.

Many think about whips and chains and picture a leather-clad dominatrix. It’s so much more than that.

It’s about handing over your power to someone else and trusting them not to abuse that. A great dominatrix could make a man submit in sweatpants if she chose to!

If you have stumbled upon our page, perhaps you are learning to discover more about your submissive side. For many guys, being submissive is an alluring one but one that many feels cannot be shared with their partners.

To be genuinely submissive shatters the stereotype of men being tough, manly, and able to do everything themselves. Our submissive phone sex sessions allow you to explore this submissive side in a controlled environment without repercussions.



I am a very creative Mistress, and I look for my slaves to try new things and submit to me every time they speak to me. You can start by joining my fan club online and wait for me to come online and abuse you. I will also list other Mistresses online that you can speak to if I am not around.

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So what kind of things can I expect from a Phone chat with you, Mistress? 


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Uk mistress loves to have phone chats with her slaves. I like it when you have a webcam, so I can see you and watch you do whatever I ask. But this is not essential.

Each slave/sub/sissy is different. Some subs like to discuss their weakness with Mistress, their fantasy and desires.

In contrast, other slaves like to be more active and more extreme, using objects, toys, cbt ( household things), dressing up as a sissy, wearing panties, using anal toys, some enjoy getting tasks to do, and some wanted blackmail scenarios, some it’s just being a sissy slut and discussing in great detail what would happen to them.

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Some love the humiliation side where Mistress becomes verbally abusive to you about your tiny little cock ( sph humiliation) or about you being a pathetic little cuckold. The list is endless. The best kinkiest Mistress phone chat

Some of my slaves love the whole orgasm control, chastity training, key holding, tease, and denial, and many others have extreme fetishes.

If you are new to Uk Mistress Vonn Online, we can discuss your scenario and how you would like to serve me and make me happy. Just now, wait for me to come online, and let’s take it from there.

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I enjoy Mistress’s phone chat sessions and have listed some of them below.

Orgasm Control

Power exchange

Mind games – Getting inside your head to find that sweet spot

Sissy humiliation, dressing, and tasks, public humiliation

Sissy cum eaters and cock suckers

Forced feminization & Forced BI 

Adult baby phone  Chats

Cuckold phone sex – fantasy

Pegging and  strapon  phone sex chats

Findom – I love to drain you

Ignore phone calls

Feet Cams


Ballbusting phone sex

Sph – Love to laugh at little dicks

Blackmail Fantasy scenarios



Fetishes – foot fetish, smoking, heels, PVC, Giantess, Leather, latex, Newspaper fetish, lipstick, boots, 

and hundreds more, so just let me know what you call

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male slave in bondage

I love Novices, so that is fine with me if you are new and want to explore. If you don’t have a webcam, that is also fine, but it is fun when you do have a webcam.

I am an online femdom who loves what I do; I want you addicted to me that you will do anything to please me; after all, it is a sub’s job to do so.

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Fetish Uk Mistress For Phone Chats

I enjoy all types of fetish chats and cover every fetish you could imagine. No matter what your fantasy roleplay or kinky fetish is, I am waiting to chat with you on the phone right now about it. From kinky deep desires to straightforward dirty roleplays, I am ready to play with you and explore all your darkest little secrets.

strapon girl

Having been a Pro-Domme and an online Domme for 21 years and specializing in all areas within the BDSM arena, I am well-equipped to give you the experience you desire. From cruel and sadistic slave training to slutty cock sucking sissy training, mind play, power exchange, and severe types of humiliation scenarios.

You can either call me on the premium rate number or pay me via Cashapp, and I will send you my audio via skype or a nonpremium rate number to call me on. I am ready to get into your mind and explore your wildest, dirtiest fantasies; I will live out your fantasy and push your boundaries to the highest levels.

When you are permitted to enter My world of sensual sadism, there is one quality which you will require above all else – unquestioning obedience and devotion to Me.

uk Mistress

But do not be under any illusions about what to expect. I am a lifestyle Domme who has a passion for BDSM and stretching the limits (and bodies) of those lucky enough to become My slaves. Power over men runs through My veins and has been nurtured by the strong women who have surrounded Me throughout My life, and it is as natural to Me as breathing.

Nothing makes Me happier, though than the sight of an enamoured submissive cowering at My feet. I love men who know their place and have exciting and imaginative ideas about how to serve Me, whose energy I can feed off as we uncover their deepest and most twisted desires.

While I have a reputation for being “scary”, remember once you become one of My slaves, we will have begun a journey of discovery. I will always respect your limits, just as you surrender yourself to My complete control. Mutual trust is essential in a Mistress/ slave relationship, and I will never undermine that.

But first and foremost, I am the Mistress of dangerous desires, and when you are in My presence, you will understand that you are living on the edge of terror but at the same time will be desperate for even more and for Me to push you further. I have a high pain threshold and know how to use it to different levels. I can be cruel and harsh, but I can also be highly erotic and sensual.

I enjoy practising a whole range of BDSM activities, more than most of your puny minds can imagine.

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