50 Domination Ideas for your Slave Submissive -Femdom Slave

50 Domination ideas for the slave or submissive -Femdom Punishment By phone, real-time, or webcam

BDSM is a huge and vast stratosphere of almost unending potential and scenarios. It is impossible to know every single area.

Even within each area, there are countless sub-areas that some who enjoy the “main” aspect might or might not enjoy additionally (Those who enjoy cock and ball torture, for example, might like their balls being stomped but won’t enjoy the electrics), and this creates a nonstop network of possibilities that can be enjoyed by Dommes and subs alike. Ready to be a femdom slave?


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All subs long to feel controlled, owned, and manipulated, whilst all Dommes love the feeling of dominance and control over another human being, but what is the best way to make that happen? Femdom punishment Ideas with a top Mistress who is always looking for a femdom slave.

Those new to the world of female domination may be unsure of where to even begin. Whether they be nervous subs who know they want to be dominated but don’t know how Mistresses look to dominate or even couples who want to experiment with BDSM, it can be a daunting prospect to enter this realm. Still, the reality is it can be an incredible amount of fun if done correctly.

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The best BDSM challenges with top femdom punishment ideas. Check out our Lists and assignments and use some of these ideas to keep your submissive slave or sex slave on their toes at all times. These BDSM slave punishment ideas will keep any submissive on edge and begging for mercy. The dominatrix punishment Sessions can be done by webcam, Phone, or in real-time scenarios. 

Femdom slave training with cam-to-cam sessions with a real female Bdsm Mistress or Male Dom. Are you ready to be punished for our bondage punishments, chastity training, BDSM slave training, and mistress slave training? Check out the lists on how to train a BDSM slave; these are some of the best punishments for submissives. Slave training with sex slave instructions.  Get ready to please your Dominatrix.


Have you ever wondered how to train a sex slave? Below is the best slave training online where you can have cam sessions, phone sex chats, or for your real-life situations. Many may wonder how to be a BDSM slave; if that is the case, read below and get an idea of some of the tasks, challenges, scenarios, and training that may happen for you in a real session with a Mistress, Goddess, Dominatrix, Domina. Femdom sub training with camtocam sessions. All slaves will follow our rules and submit to the superior females. Check out our fetish phone sex lines here.

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Where we enjoy punishing and training weak male subs and sissy girls, where we own, control, dominate and humiliate. We introduce BDSM rules for slaves and either seduction or torture to get what we want. Are you looking for an online BDSM master or an online Mistress cam?

Are you ready to obey? Are you ready to submit it? Are you ready for your chores? We have good punishments waiting for you; check out the femdom slaves and be part of our dominant training. Are you looking for some online submissive tasks? Enjoy femdom cams sessions? Does the idea of cam2camsex interest you? You can get some ideas of how to punish a sub over text.

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Are you a Pain Slave? We have many creative BDSM punishment Ideas for you to read over below and will continue to add to this. Ready to be our Kinky house slave? Ready to submit, obey and worship? Read our slave and sissy rules and then have a live cams show with us or phone chat session 

submissive punishments with a twist of manipulation, entertainment, and degradation. We enjoy owning and training a male slave, femdom cum slave sessions, and extreme punishments by cruel femdoms. Get ready for our tasks for online subs and submissive, humiliation ideas. We enjoy slave training online and sharing our ways to punish your submissive,

Here, we list some of the most popular 50 ways to dominate your slave. Femdom Tasks & Assignments 

  • Make Them Wear A Collar

The ultimate way to show that you own them and to make them feel owned at all times. Wearing a collar is incredibly humbling and a constant reminder that they are owned by you as property

  • Put Them In Chastity

Males think with their cocks, and nothing controls a male more than controlling said cock. By locking it away in a chastity cage and keeping hold of the key, you take away his erections and orgasms. When he can only cum with your permission, he will be extremely submissive and obedient to avoid any increases in his time locked up – check out chastity cams

  • Write Things On Their Body

Make them write humiliating things on their body. Things like a loser, cuck or worthless pieces of shit are effective, but things such as cum dump, cock sucker, cum whore, etc also work for sissies. Making them keep these things written on them is very degrading

  • Spank Them

Being pulled across a woman’s knee and having his bare ass spanked like a naughty boy is deeply humbling for any man. It makes him feel ashamed and embarrassed, plus the stinging and red cheeks will be a reminder to behave. This can also be followed by making him stand in the corner for a while to think about his behaviour

  • Make Them Wear Panties

Nothing humiliates a man more than making him wear women’s underwear. Being naked in a CFNM scenario is degrading enough but making him wear women’s panties is extremely degrading

  • Make Them Dress As A Female

Even more, degrading for him is if you go the whole hog and use forced feminization on him. Panties, pantyhose, high heels, skirts, blouses, crop tops, make-up, the whole nine yards. This helps strip away the last dregs of his manhood and keep him humbled and embarrassed in front of you

  • Small Penis Humiliation

Every male treasures his dick. They treat it like the holy grail, so the absolute best femdom 101 trick is to ridicule their cock size. Tell him it’s tiny, small; no woman wants a guy with a dick that small; tell him it’s not a cock. It’s a clit; make him measure and compare it to small items like chipolata sausages. Totally destroys his ego. View our sph cams

  • Cock and Ball Torture

As stated, their cock is their most prized possession, and the balls are the most delicate. All men protect them with their lives, so if you want to hurt him the most, abuse his cock and balls. Slap them, punch them, kick them, knee them, put electrics on them, and crank up the juice. Make him rub toothpaste or chilli powder on it, and make him dip it in ice or hot sauce. Anything to make him crumple to the floor in agony. Or better yet, tie him up and abuse him when he can’t move!  View our CBT Phone sex lines


  • Nipple Torture

Nipples on men are useless. They serve no function. There’s no point to them. But abusing them hurts him, so twist them, bite them, put clothes pegs on them, pull them. Secure him spreadeagled to a wall or St Andrews’s cross and then torture his nipples till he’s crying and begging

  • Verbal Humiliation

A good old-fashioned tongue-lashing works wonders for any subs. Rip into their hair, their weight, their height, how useless they are, how pathetic. Scream and shout at him, call him the most degrading, horrible names you can think of, and hit him with cutting insults. This is the best thing to utilize for femdom cam Dommes, in particular. Check out our BDSM humiliation Ideas

  • Financial Domination

He doesn’t deserve money. He’s a waste of space. It’s not his money anyway; it’s yours. Make him give you a set amount each month. Work out a budget for his income and make him cut back on everything to give you the most of it. Have him sign a financial domination contract and make him stick to it – view the findom cams here

  • Speech Restrictions

Much more humiliating than you might think. He’s not allowed to speak without permission, PERIOD. Or he’s only allowed to use yes or no. Make him raise his hand if he wants to be allowed to speak (VERY humiliating). This also has the added bonus of giving you some peace from hearing his voice

  • Make Them Act Like a Dog

Total degradation. Make them get on all fours and crawl around on the floor. Make them eat from a bowl on the floor. Make them communicate only in barks. Have them wear a collar and lead. Play fetch with them and scold them if they are bad. Puppy play and pet play are fantastic!

  • Domestic Servitude

A favourite mostly for amateur BDSM players as it means one partner does all the housework! Have them make the bed, do the laundry, clean the floor, run your baths, all the tasks you hate to do. Punish them for badly done chores

  • Make Them Wear a Gag

Make them wear a gag to earn the right to speak or just to give you some peace and quiet

  • Cuckolding

Slaves want you. They desire you. They lust after you as the perfect woman. So to hurt them the most, make them your bitch while you fuck real men. Make them hear all your stories as they paint your nails, or make them watch as you get railed by a big thick dick – view our live cuckold cams here

  • Anal Training

Males are programmed to be the penetrator, not the penetrated. Therefore, to really humiliate them, you need to train them to take things in their ass. Start with small dildos and work up as their ass stretches. Make them bend over and take what you give them.

  • Splosh

An extremely fun humiliation. Have them pour cream or custard over their head, smear their body in baked beans, in fact, do anything to completely cover them in foodstuff. Make things as messy as possible

  • Public Humiliation

Not for the faint-hearted. It can be done with you there or at a distance. Make them go into a shop dressed in a white shirt with a red bra on underneath. Make them get on their knees and kiss your feet, give them a loud scolding or, for tamer ideas, go shopping and then just say sternly “Pay for that” and walk off.

  • Trampling

Have them lie down and walk over them in Doc Martin boots or high heels. Literally, treat them like a doormat. Press down hard when walking on them to make them grunt and suffer as you trample them.

  • Massage Your Feet

After a long day of humiliating and torturing your slaves, you deserve to be pampered, so make them massage your feet and relax. Perfect for subs with feet fetish in chastity to torment them. You can relax and check your messages or text your friends while he rubs your feet for as long as you desire. Foot fetish cams, or  if you enjoy phones, then view the foot fetish phone sex

  • Slave Contracts

Have them sign a slave contract. There are lots of templates available online for slavery contracts. These make the slave feel totally owned and lay out exactly what is expected of him and the consequences of not adhering to the contract.

  • Jerk Off Instruction

All males love to jerk off and have a nice orgasm, and they all have a particular technique they love the most, so you have the perfect opportunity to destroy what he loves the most. Wanking. You control how he does it. How fast, how slow, how many strokes, what hand he can use when to start when to stop, all of it. Use it to make him really frustrated and desperate to cum – Click here for joi cams 

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Cum Eating Instructions

Having an orgasm is a privilege, and he should appreciate it. If he must spill his load, then he needs to eat it all back up. On a plate, from a piece of bread, from the floor. It doesn’t matter. He will resist and plead not to. When they are no longer horny, no man wants to eat his own cum but make him do it. Direct him in cum eating instructions to learn the cost of his orgasm.

  • Kiss Your Boots

Femdom 101. Make him get on his knees and kiss your boots. Forced to get lower than you, this already sets the mindset of him as you being superior and then having to kiss your boots takes it further. Make him kiss and worship every inch, including the soles

  • – Kiss Your Ass

Similar to your boots but even more degrading. Your rump is the more humiliating thing he has to worship. Whether through clothes or if you hoist your skirt up and expose your bare cheeks, make him kiss what you used to sit on. Perfect for fetish cams as your ass can fill his screen.

  • Ignore Him

Subs want you. They ache for your attention and for you to acknowledge them. So take it away. Ignore them. Make them sit quietly while you use your phone or computer. Watch tv as they massage your feet. Don’t speak to them or even look at them. This makes them more desperate to please you. A far more effective punishment than any cane or whip can impose

  • Hand Wash Your Underwear

You are way out of his league, and he will never get in your pants no matter how much he wants to torment him to the extreme by making his hand wash your underwear. It’s his only chance to get near them and the closest he will ever get to your holy grail, and this will drive him insane as he is scrubbing your dirty used panties

  • Face Slapping

A short sharp stinging slap to his face will make him see stars and jolt him back to reality. If he is back chatting or has performed sloppy chores, then slapping his face is a good punishment for better behaviour. It is also good for your own amusement and watching him flinch! On fetish cams, make him slap his face harder and harder

  • Bondage

Men are wimps, and as you beat them, slap them, kick them, or whatever, they will flinch and move. So tie them down to prevent them from moving. Leave them helpless and vulnerable to whatever you want to do to them. Even something as simple as using a silk scarf to restrain them works perfectly

  • Human Furniture

One of the most degrading acts. They were forced to be nothing more than furniture. A seat for you to sit on, a footstool to rest your feet on, and a table to put your drink on. For further humiliation, make him hold a lamp or even further than that, make him be your ashtray. Lower him to being nothing more than an inanimate object

  • Force Them Into Stress Positions

Stress positions are horrible and uncomfortable. That makes them perfect for slaves you don’t like, for punishments or just for your own amusement of watching him struggle. Make him stay in them for hours at a time

  • Post Orgasm Torture

Once they have shot their load, men’s cocks become super sensitive. Even touching them can be agony. That makes them perfect for torture! Keep wanking him or sucking after he has come. With a femdom webcam, you can force him to keep going or rub his cock head. Destroy the pleasure he got from his orgasm with post-orgasm torture and make him suffer

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  • Denied Orgasms

Similar to locking him in chastity but even more frustrating for him as he can still get erect and be extremely turned on, but you dent him an orgasm. A perfect accompaniment to jerk off instructions.

  • Make Them Write Lines

Have them write 50, 100, 200, 1000, or 100000 if desired. Over and over again, “I belong to Mistress” or “I have been a bad slave”. That should keep him busy for a few hours. For added cruelty, once he has finished writing them and his hand is cramping, make him rip them up!

  • Give them Meaningless, Mind Numbing Tasks

Make him count grains of rice. Smash up cornflakes. Scrub the floor with a toothbrush. Anything that is mind-numbingly boring and repetitive. Keep him busy for hours and break his spirit

  • Body Worship

Only for the most worthy of subs. Have him rub or kiss your legs, and your tits, massage your neck, or if he is really, really lucky, he gets to lick or shave your pussy. Use it as a reward and make him earn it

Check out our adult baby stories – for more humiliation Ideas

  • Spit On Him

One of the most degrading acts in the whole BDSM scene. Spit in his face, on his body, or directly into his mouth and make him swallow it.

  • Food Domination

Make him eat from the floor or eat foods he absolutely hates with a passion. Make him eat his entire meal and lick the plate or bowl clean afterwards. Force food down his throat if you have to.

  • Make Him Eat From The Floor

He is a lowly subject. Not even worthy of eating at the table like a normal human being. So put his dish or bowl on the floor and make him eat it from there. That will make him feel just how low he is.

  • Make Them Keep A Blog

Make him create a blog to put online that is updated every day detailing his slave life and what it means to be in slavery to you

  • Sensory Deprivation

Make him wear a blindfold and stand in a stationary position. Put earplugs in that block out all noise and combine that with the blindfold. You can either then leave him to his thoughts, unable to see or hear anything or walk around and slap him with a crop or push him to make him nervous

  • Bastinado

The act of abusing and torturing a slave’s feet, specifically their soles. The soles of the feet are extremely tender and sensitive. They are prime targets to inflict maximum pain with little effort from you.

  • Pee On Them

What could be more degrading than being peed on by a superior female? Nothing, that’s what. Make him lie there as you unload your bladder onto him. Either onto his chest or his face and have him swallow it if you desire

  • Tickle Them

Combine with bondage for maximum torment. Go for their most ticklish areas. Soles of the feet, under their arms, ribs, anywhere that will make them squirm and struggle

  • Hair Pulling

Very degrading and very painful. Yank them by the hair to force them to their knees, to hold them as you slap their face or just to cause them pain.

  • Humiliate Them In Various Ways
  • – Make Them Beg For Basic Acts

Make him beg you to sit, beg for something to drink, plead for something to eat, and go to the toilet. These simple acts that normal people and real men take for granted are to be seen as privileges that he has to earn, so make him beg for them and earn your permission.

  • Use Them On Femdom Webcam

If you are a femdom cams Mistress, make him be in your sessions. Let him be tortured and abused to make you money as guys pay to see you humiliate him and beat him or whip him.

  • Change Their Name

Something degrading like “spud” or “wanker” is appropriate, or for sissy sluts maybe Kandi cumdump is better. Whatever it is, use it a lot and make them repeat it, so they begin to forget their male name and only refer to themselves by your new chosen name for them.

So there you have it. Fifty ways to dominate a submissive. Each one is just the basic idea and a few examples. They can all be changed or altered to suit your own individual tastes and preferences. You can take the ones you like and build on them to make them your own.

Have fun, enjoy, and good luck!

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