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Financial Domination, also known as Findom cams this particular request is pretty popular but sadly for us Mistresses, there are not many real financial subs out there.

A lot of financial subs just love the idea but don’t actually want to spend any money, as weird as that seems it’s the hard fact of it, firstly a real financial sub will not come into your free chat area first and ask a million questions about financial domination.

What a real financial sub will do is come straight to video chat and pay the premium.

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I have had my fair share of wannabee financial guys and really good sincere financial subs.

I have to admit both online and offline, I have loved the whole aspect of financial domination and I love financial domination on webcams as well. I have had financial slaves send me money and then go offline, or financial slaves take me shopping and spoil me, which is how financial domination is supposed to be.

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You only have to look online at the thousands of financial domination websites to see just how much every single Mistress out there loves it. To milk a  slave for everything or go as far as to ruin him and make him give money every day, week, a month is a massive turn-on for any Mistress. View more 121 Mistress sex lines

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I love real financial slaves and have had so much fun with financial slaves, from them spoiling me from my amazon wishlist to taking me shopping, buying me PVC clothing online as well as just logging on and sending me money. If you enjoy fetish chats? and want to experience what it is like to be  totally ruined then check out our live rooms now

findom cams

Financial Domination Online

I love financial domination contracts and making the sub send me money every week as agreed by the financial contract. Financial domination is about power and weakness, the power of a Domme to milk you dry to make you her pay pig, her human ATM, knowing your cock is twitching like mad as you want to pay up, you can not get any satisfaction with any other type of porn the only way you feel able to relive yourself is to give Mistress money, for her to demand that money from you.

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I have one particular financial paypig who sends me a lot of money in online sessions he begs to make me stop it’s like a game of cat and mouse he begs me to block him ( but what is the point? he is so weak he will make a new name and come back) He tells me every time I am evil because I drain him and when he eventually cums he feels bad he spent all that money, don’t get me wrong he feels bad, and I feel great I have drained him until next time, which he tells me every time there will not be the next time, but we all know there is ALWAYS  a next time.

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They can not help themselves they are so weak, they love the demands the excitement of how close to the edge I can take them, Will I rob them of everything? their life savings, their homes, their cars will I demand they max out credit cards for me? Just how far will a mistress push you? Will she push you over the edge? Will she ruin you?

I once had a sub tell me he had to sell his TV and HIFI and iPhone to get some money as I had drained him a few weeks before. Some people may find this harsh but the hard reality is this is an expensive fetish to have.

I will have no qualms in draining financial slaves, after all, that is what financial domination is about, what type of Mistress would I be if I actually cared? The fact is we don’t and we will drain you so if you are of the faint-hearted do not dabble in this as Mistresses will drain you and always with a smile on their faces.


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