Financial Domination Phone Line

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Financial Domination Phone Sex

Financial Domination phone sex chat, are you ready for Mistress to drain you, little piggy? Mistress loves to financially drain her pathetic little losers and take everything from them. Are you ready for proper financial dominance?

If so, you can call Mistress at the number below, open your wallet and give her what she deserves. After all, why should you have luxuries?

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You are just a pathetic money bank ONLY for Mistress to drain and use and play with. So Puppet, open your wallet and start spending money on me now! I am a Scottish Financial Domination Queen – I cover all of the UK for severe findom phone sessions – Glasgow findom Mistress Make sure to send me tributes regularly in My cash app or via bank transfer to get my attention. 

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Talk to me on the phone. This is your Drain Line dial the number below.


Call Mistress for findom Phone SEX 

Talk to me on the phone. I am ready to Drain you, So dial the number below

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Pay Pigs and Relapsed Pay pigs I also have a find therapy  recorded line – Listen here then call me live

The findom therapy Clinic line for  pay pigs who have had deep hard wallet fuckings

Findom Phone Sex With UK Mistress

findomme, financial domination

Do trigger words make you weak and need to reach out and pay more?

Words Like

 financial fuckovers

Hard wallet drain

Deep financial ruin


pay pig





These are just some of the words this Scottish Findom Queen loves to use as triggers amongst hundreds more.

Ready to see how deep I can take you into my world of financial domination? Financial head fucks

 Do you need a debt Therapy contract?

 A good hard wallet fuck

Do you have a findom addiction?

Are you ready to feed my greed?

Call Me on my Drain Line and let’s play Raise the rate

You are a findom Addict, and you need the Kinky Uk findom Mistress to guide you into the world of being the best-trained pay pig ever

Stroking and paying

Clicking and twitching


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So you want a superior woman like me to acknowledge you even alive? Only one way that’s ever going to happen, little man- MONEY!

The only way I’ll even CONSIDER giving you any of my precious time is for you to open your wallet, get your credit card out and join one of the cam sites I am registered to. Then and only then will I even bother with you. You can also lift the phone and just let me drain you per minute

Financial Domination on Phone or webcam is not for the weak-hearted as I will hunt you down like a debt collector to ensure I get my money from you.

financial domination cams

I expect weekly, if not daily, contributions from you, loser, and there are many ways you can pay up.

I love financial domination and humiliation in a phone sex chat or on a webcam, draining every last penny out of you, sending you out to work to earn money for ME, your goddess, and ME only.

I will make you a plan of what you have to live on, and the rest goes to MISTRESS. Do not misread this part!!!!! When you sign up for this, the fee to get out of it is $500. No less than this will be accepted, the same as the Blackmail contract.

I enjoy draining weak slaves from all over the world. I am a Scottish Findom,  who drains English, wales, and Irish Pay pigs.

Make sure to reach for that wallet right away and spoil your amazing Goddess.

If you think you are worthy enough to have me acknowledge  you, then message me on skype ( UK mistress) 

Do not waste my time. You will pay £50 to discuss this with me and to organize the way ahead. Please ensure when you message me, your first question is how do I pay the mistress?

pay pig

You can also do this by phone by calling the number below

Talk to me on the phone. This is your Drain Line dial the number below

If you would rather have  webcam chats, then click here to watch girls tease you

financial domina


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I am the Mistress that will put you firmly in your place.

I’m the woman you have always dreamed of.

I’m the woman your weak wife wishes to be.



Being a lifestyle fetishist and having had plenty of experience in the BDSM world, getting you around my finger will not be a problem. You will do as I command, and you have no say; your job is easy.


Financial domination is a fetish I thrive off; having full control of your wallet and being in charge of your monthly allowance is a massive turn-on!

You are not worthy of knowing about your superior; all you need to know is that I always get what I want; if you are lucky enough to have a real-time or speak on cam, you will sense my dominating presence like no other within seconds.

My glowing natural beauty, my thick blonde long hair, my big breasts, and my dominating ways are all REAL – no faking here. 

Here and now, I give you Money Pigs and Losers a chance to be my slave. I will own your wallet, and I will turn you into my ATM Pay Puppet.

Isn’t it your dream to serve such a powerful, glamorous money Mistress as me, get abused and used by a powerful, very beautiful, sexy, and smart Mistress?

findom cams


For me to acknowledge your PATHETIC existence, you must send a Tribute to your Superior. Ways in which you may do so are by sending a tribute to me or buying me a gift from my wishlist.


**** All forms of contact should be accompanied by a  tribute (LOSER TAX) via my wishlist 


Remember I enjoy the finer things in life and have very high expectations and needs – not that you will ever be able to reach them!!

Why waste your hard-earned money on your worthless self when you have a glamorous Mistress here to rinse you?

Financial slaves, money slaves, pay pigs cash cows, human ATM, whatever your stupid, weak arse wants to call it ..




SIMPLE FACT OF LIFE – I deserve everything you have, and you deserve NOTHING. Now, do as I say; get your plastic out and tribute!!

I offer online financial slavery, as well as real-time, in the form of money drops, ATM drive-ups, and shopping trips.


Online/distance/phone financial slavery includes paying bills, online shopping, Amazon gift cards, wishlist presents, blackmail (consensual)

For my losers who are not in the UK and want online training or abuse, I have a massive interest in chastity!

Not only will I own your wallets but also your worthless cock and balls!

I also offer you losers’ custom clips; email me for more information.

I will consider other forms of financial slavery that I haven’t outlined.


I ignore any emails with tribute involved if you have questions, you ask after you have paid tribute. I’m not wasting any time on time wasters.

So now it’s time to get on this money rush roller coaster ride with UK Mistress………


Scottish Findom Mistress ready to drain you and make you her permanent little pay pig, cash cow, and cash cock.

Are you ready to hand me over everything? I like deep, hard wallet fuckings, I love brutal cum tax play.

 I cover all of Uk Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales – for findom draining sessions.

I also cover worldwide, so no matter where you are from, cash cow, I am waiting to drain.