Chastity Cams Chat – orgasm Control

Chastity cams live and the control is another one of Mistress’s favourite types of sessions. They love having their slaves in chastity and controlling when they can wank and if they can wank, knowing they control their orgasm and his life by using this device. Click the live chastity webcam chats below and start the journey into cock control by mean Mistresses


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This training is great fun for a mistress as we love to tease you so as that cock starts to grow inside that little cage, it becomes sore and frustrated as it is desperate for release; we love to tease you and see the torment in your face when you know you can not wank, you can not cum and that you are totally at our mercy. 

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MistressES likes to use the cb6000 or cb3000. They have so many different attachments as well as key and number tags. Some Mistresses will want you to have a  contract that you must sign and agree to terms.

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Chastity Contract

In a  contract, you can not remove the device until the agreed term is finished and Mistress is satisfied that you have passed that particular test. Control is all about her power over your wanking habits; perhaps you’re a little wanker who wanks all day long to free femdom porn?

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Are you a dirty little wanker who wanks all day long over any type of porn? Mistress will take this away from you and teach you to be a better little sub. Mistress will decide if and when you can wank; she will control your cock and no longer be your own.

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Chastity Mistresses love to watch you turn the key and lock that little cage on until further notice; your cock has now become the property of Mistress, no more cheap little wanks, and playing with yourself whenever you want to; Mistress now decides that.

Chastity Training on Webcam

When in this training or contract, Mistress may invite you to a webcam session and ask you to remove the device and wank for her. She will tease you like crazy and either tell you that’s it and put it back on or she will continue and make you ruin the orgasm to release that fluid as a build of fluid is not natural, so she will at least once a week demand you visit and either ruin your orgasm or milk your ass so as no fluid has built up.

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This gives me great pleasure when I make my slave edge and goon all day long, then give him no release bar milking off the ass to release the fluid.

Mistresses love the humiliation of the slave as we know how desperate you are to cum and that you will do anything for that release, but you are at our mercy, slave, and only we can decide that. Perhaps the idea of being blackmailed and having a session with a blackmail mistress who never holds back at any time in a webcam show.

You can wear chastity to work. They are discreet, and they do not show through I have had hundreds of subs wear them to work, the gym, pubs etc., so there is no excuse.

Dominatrix controls your orgasm.

Are you ready for a Domme to control your wanking habits? Are you ready for the mistress to lock that cock of yours away? Are you ready to have your orgasm controlled, your orgasm ruined, and be at Mistress’s disposal? If so, click the link below and join me or hundreds of other online Mistresses who enjoy control and power.

Chastity Mistresses online

Here is a little further reading  and what it is as some people do not understand the whole  training and what it involves, so please read this article on chastity

Little slaves need to be locked away. Most of my cuckolds are all in one, as that’s what is needed. Are you a cuckold? Are you an abject failure between the sheets? Incapable of making a woman orgasm? Is Dick too small? Have the personality of a stone? Well, you will become my little cuck, gimp, loser, sissy, slave or sub.

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Why should you be allowed to revolt against women by hitting on them? Pawing them like a horny teenager and boring them by begging to sleep with them? You’re pathetic. No woman wants you. See my cuckold cams page; that’s where losers go.

So you will be my cuckold. Sitting on cuckold cams and watching me with a real man with a proper dick while your little twinkie winkie is all safely locked away in its tiny cage, struggling to get hard and begging to be free.

Mistress will wear the chastity Key.

I will wear the key to your freedom on a chain around my neck, and you can watch it swinging back and forth as I get pounded by my lover’s huge cock, and I will lick my lips and smirk at your desperate, pleading eyes as you beg me not to make you sit and watch.

I will keep your dick locked away init plastic prison till you are begging and pleading and promising me ANYTHING if I just let you out and allow you to experience an erection but guess what? Never going to happen! 

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When I lock a slave away, he stays locked until I decide, and no amount of whinging changes that. Your desperation to cum and aching blue balls is YOUR problem, not mine.

So what are you waiting for bitch? You’re sitting there right now with a hard-on playing with yourself, aren’t you? This is why you need a chastity webcam Mistress like me, so get your pathetic ass into my cam room, and I will lock you away and have you on your knees kissing my backside within ten minutes before I subject you to some brutal cock and ball torture phone sex torment. 

Mistresses love putting helpless slaves into their chastity belts and tormenting them until they are on the verge of giving up. Look no further if you are chaste and want to talk online with a Mistress who loves having control over your climax.

Hundreds of online Dommes are eager to dominate, imprison you, and deprive you of pleasure in our live chastity cam chat rooms.
As they force you to lock that cock away and remind you that you shouldn’t have any more orgasms with chastity, the kinky Mistresses adore watching you scream and plead. Since she is your Goddess, your Domme, and the Queen in your life, you have no option but to follow her.

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The chastity existence of a webcam mistress’s slave

It occurred during my fifth or sixth live femdom cam session with Mistress online.
She enjoys using her lovely ass and huge breasts to get near me to make me weak and incapable of refusing anything she demands since she knows I have a firm ass and cleavage fetish.

I was putty in her hands every time she did this, and my dick was always rock-hard, throbbing, and oozing pre-cum. It felt beautiful, and everything was ideal, and I liked being at her mercy.

I had been stroking and edging for around two hours before that fateful Friday night, and I was once again very close to the brink. She leaned over and put her ass, which was covered by a VERY tight, figure-hugging rubber garment, right up near the screen just as I was ready to climax as she was rubbing and shaking her ass.

I was so overcome with lust for her rear that I could not control myself.
I couldn’t stop myself, and I came.  I gasped and let out an uncontrollable groan. Visit our JOI CAMS instructions page for more details.

She abruptly came to a stop and returned to the screen. She exclaimed in a voice that made my heart race, “What the fuck just happened? Did you just cum?”

I mumbled, “Yes, Mistress.” She glared at me angrily and said, “You impudent little shit. Did I give you permission to cum? No, I didn’t; end of the story. You don’t get second chances, little slave.

You’re getting put in chastity. I froze, and my heart stopped beating. Oh gosh. Not celibacy. Even though I am a sub, I enjoy wanking while seeing images and movies, and I occasionally wank up to 12 times each day. I won’t even be able to get erect if my cock is confined in a cage, though. How would I make it through that?

I cried, begged, and knelt in vain. She forced me to purchase a CB600 from a chastity website.
I was then instructed not to contact her again until it came so she could use it on me.

It came a week later, and she made me put it on and fasten it with the plastic bags as soon as we started our online fem-dom webcam session. She noted the number before giving me an evil glance.

She said, “I’ve got you RIGHT where I want you. You’re screwed now, slave.” She was correct, too. I can’t wank or even get hard anymore, so that’s why. And I most definitely can’t do it without her approval. Think about that for a second. After 42 years of wanking and cupping anytime I felt horny, I have come to the point where I must ask my Mistress to unlock my chastity, even if it means allowing me to escape my plastic prison for a short period.

It hurts so much as my cock pushes against the solid plastic while attempting to become erect virtually constantly. And to make matters worse, because I can’t relieve myself, the more sexually stimulating things I observe, the hornier I am. And since I have no escape, I am always horny and desperate.

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Not that Mistress gives a damn. She enjoys making fun of me constantly with her tits and as.
She now dresses particularly for me in short, tight skirts that properly cover and curve her ass but barely covers her cheeks and tight, low-cut blouses that can almost hold her enormous breasts.
I’m so close to crying as I try to get hard but am unsuccessful. And when I ask her to let me cut the tag and, at least, have an erection for some reason, she laughs cruelly, making my penis strive to harden more!


Rarely does she let me take the chastity off, and when she does, the relief is incredible. But it doesn’t last long. She will either stop me from touching or repeatedly tell me to edge. And because I got into this situation due to illegal orgasms, I make DAMN sure not to come. And after a while of taunting me and preventing me from cumming, she gets tired of it and tells me to ice myself down before putting the chastity back on.

She has so far always refused my requests to be allowed to speak first. Every other night, as per her rules, I must enter her live female webcam room to request permission to cum. She has so far always declined requests like this one. I continually accept her decisions with a “thank you, Mistress” and live for her voice and attractiveness.

I constantly dream of the day she would release me from my burden. Additionally, I long for the times before chastity, when I could pull myself off anytime I pleased. But those times are now a distant memory. I must inform everyone that Mistress X is the rightful owner of my orgasms and teach them to value their priceless nature.
This is the existence of a chastity slave.


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