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 JOI Cams -A jerk of instructions on cam is always a fun way for a mistress to take control of a subs cock.

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Directing him what to do on cam with that cock that Mistress now owns. From demanding you stroke it faster, slower, or harder, how many strokes you can have and to what way to stroke it a full hand? tips of fingers> tip of heatstroke? use left-hand use right hand?

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No matter what it is Mistress just loves to control that wanking. Jerk of instructions can also fall into edge play where you must remove your hand just when you are getting close to cumming, and Mistress then counts these, and you have no idea when she will release this and let you cum.

It is all fun for Mistress to watch you struggle as you are desperate to explode, but you know you can not Because Mistress decides every stroke and every movement of that cock.


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Join me now live and let me have fun with that cock. I love giving out jerk of instructions and it is even better if I can see you at the same time. If I do not online do check out the other Mistresses who are live and available right now to play on cam with you. They also love jerk-off instructions and will be so excited to have another slave at their feet, ready to worship and obey at all times.

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Bring along some lotion, a cold, wet cloth, and perhaps some shoelaces; Mistress wants to make this as mentally draining as possible.

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I bet you love the thrill of a woman deciding how you should wank that cock? I bet you love the idea of a strict Mistress controlling you’re orgasm and deciding when you can be allowed to cum? Cum control, orgasm control, and dick control are all things Mistress loves to do. Mistress Uk is waiting.

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Are you ready to show Mistress how good you can be? Mistress just wants to laugh as you struggle, desperate and wanting to cum hard and all she can do is laugh hard at you, knowing only she can decide that.

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Your cock is hard it is ready to explode. Then Mistress tells you ” hand-off” Mistress decides she loves to keep you hanging, she has taught you how to jerk that cock the way she wants it jerked, and she now wants to control that cock and not let you cum; she may ruin you’re orgasm or send you away with no orgasm, whatever happens, it is Mistresses decision and Mistress only.

Your little job is to learn these words ” yes Mistress|”  that is all that Mistress wants to hear from you. You are useless and worthless, and Mistress wants more. She wants to see you desperate for attention, craving to be allowed to cum, and the whole time in the jerk of instruction training cams Mistress controls it all. Step inside and see for yourself just how much fun a Mistress can have. View our masturbation techniques and ideas here

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It’s time slave; you know you are ready now to have your very own jerk-off instructions live on cam right now. No point waiting any longer. You know you need it; you know that cock belongs to strict women online, and you are ready to hand over ownership. Get on you’re hands and knees and enter Mistress’s live jerk-off instruction boot camp. Check out the JOI CAMS  here.

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