How to punish a sub over text

Ways To Punish your sub By SMS/ Text Messages, How to be a dom over text

How To Punish a Sub Over Text? Things to say to your sub

BDSM can be so much fun, no matter if we do it when we are in the same room with our partners or far from them. Even when we practice BDSM long distance, there are so many things to try to enjoy thoroughly. And sometimes, texting can be very intriguing and arousing when we do it right.

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If you are a Dom and like teasing your submissive, you can also do it over text successfully. But maybe you will not always have sexy ideas on what to say, or how to give commands… Do not worry; this article can help with that! Here are some tips on how to punish your sub over text! The things you can say to your sub over text. These are the best ways to be a dom over text. The best ideas for dom and subtext messages




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Order Them to Masturbate but Stop Before They Reach the Climax

This is a form of punishment that is sexy, but it does not give them the euphoric finish they wanted. Whatever your sub did wrong, not having the big O will keep them in place. While they are playing with their own body, you can tease them.

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You can turn them on and write them nasty sentences… Dirty talk over text can be very steamy! Sometimes texting sexily is more effective than watching porn videos.

This is because your imagination does the work. You know what your sub likes, probably. And if you do not, you are going to learn that fast. You can motivate them to talk about the things that make them the most tingly. Something that brings them the best sensations! Make them hard or wet and throbbing down there, and let them play.

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how to punish a sub  over text

While they are playing, they should send you texts about the progress. They have to inform you about everything! And just before they finish, when you see, they are almost there, stop them! Forbid them from doing so. Let them come so close, and hope for the culmination. You can also tease them by sending risqué and racy images of yourself. But right before the climax, you stop with everything sexy and give them the order not to do anything.

Do you know what ruined orgasms are? It is one of the famous BDSM plays, something more and more Doms try with their subs. It is about turning your sub on highly, then leaving them hanging and experiencing a low-quality orgasm. Or, they feel almost nothing, so you ruin entirely their experience.

But even though it is ruined, you would be surprised to learn how many subs love that feeling! You are the one with the power, and they have to obey. It is also a great way to punish them. It can be highly unpleasant because we lose something we thought we would have. Check out our Joi Cams to see how we love to torment.

Turn Them on Without Allowing Them to Touch Themselves

Another effective method to punish your sub over text is by being a real tease. You can say whatever you want. Do whatever you want as well! For example, you send them very sexy pics of yourself. It does not even have to be you. Maybe pictures of other people, nude, having sex, something you know will arouse your sub. Do whatever turns them on. Maybe they like it when you call them names?

When do you humiliate them? Some subs get excited when they hear bitchy words when you are being a real psycho. See what does work. And how will you punish them? By not letting them masturbate! This is a cruel punishment because you are doing everything that makes them want to do it on purpose. It can be excruciating when you are not allowed to follow your needs.

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It can be even worse than ruining their orgasm. They feel all these sensations that are making them touch themselves, but they cannot do anything about it! Every fibre tells them to do, but you do not!

You need them to say no to that instinct and ignore their basic needs. If you think physical pain is incredibly unpleasant, you should know that sometimes it is less terrible than this. If you have never tried this, suggest it to your sub. It should be fun, steamy, and torturing… But they will learn to be more obedient after it. Or, if they like it too much, they will be disobedient on purpose to feel it again.

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Order Them to Insult Themselves for You

Maybe this is not physical pain or too intense psychological pain… But some subs will find it humiliating and unpleasant. Here is how it goes – they have to text you about it. In these texts, they write insults, but to themselves. Every text can be one insult.

And it has to be very deep. So, not something like I am a lazy underachiever, I am humble, I am a terrible lover… These insults can be very offensive and abusive. You can be playful here. For example, order them to write a text of exactly 50 words of pure insult, then another one of 80 words of pure insult… Whatever gets you and them going!

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Now, this does not sound excruciating and like a significant punishment. But it can be; it is a mind-blowing psychological BDSM game. Of course, it is much more effective if they take it seriously. If they want to go deep, tell you things they are very ashamed of. That can be another way to punish them. Instead of insults, make them talk about their biggest embarrassments.

Things they are the most ashamed of. It has to be something very displeasing and uncomfortable. There are so many ways to play with someone’s ego and pride. Of course, that makes you very bitchy, merciless, and sadistic… But that is what they love about you! And in the end, it is all a game. You are two grown-ups. They like it when someone likes to fuck with their mind. They would not give you consent if they were not okay with it.

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Make Them Earn Treats from You

This can also be a very creative game. There are so many ways to use your imagination here. Different couples will appreciate different kinks. Let’s say your sub likes your nudes when they are stimulated and inflamed. Or, your certain words turn them on during texting. Some subs will like your praises; others will like your insults. Maybe they will want you to send them pictures of your underwear, high heels, feet, or whatever you two agreed on. But you will only send these treats if they earn them! This is also a teasing BDSM game. You are the one in control. They have to obey, and that is not very pleasant. Now, to earn these treats, they can do a variety of things for you.

One of these things is just to be patient. You tell them to wait for you for hours until you respond. They must not send you anything, no matter how much they want to. If they do that, and they show you they are patient; you send them one treat. These games can also be very different. You do not have to test their patience.

There are many kinky things they can do to get your treats. These things can be sexual or non-sexual. They can be embarrassing, painful, unpleasant… Sometimes they can just be boring, tedious, weird, and unpredictable. To find ideas, read about other BDSM couples. The web teems with articles about BDSM!

Punishing Themselves Physically

Finally, texting today is fantastic because we can send photos and even videos during it. Texting does not need to be text-based only. For example, you can order your sub to punish themselves. They can paddle themselves, use nipple clamps, and any painful sex toy they have. When they do that, they can easily send photos to prove they did what you asked. Even a clip of it! After all, physical pain is a big part of BDSM.

Again, this is an idea with many possibilities. Both you and your sub can be very creative here. Some will use wax, sex toys, devices, or something else. Something they have in their room, but it can make them feel uncomfortable… Everything is an option!BDSM is unique because there are no limits. You can go kinky, which is all cool because you agreed.

And, of course, maybe you get ideas of your own. These are just some suggestions, but they may inspire you to come up with something else. The whole point of BDSM is to experiment. And you can do that in person or while texting. Humans are very innovative, and we always have various ideas. Anything can spice up your BDSM texting experiences if you like to experiment. And when you try these methods, it will probably inspire you to try even more things. Maybe you end up writing a BDSM article yourself! But whatever you do, just remember to have fun, please both you and your partner and enjoy exploring your sexuality.

These are just some of the ways how to degrade a guy over text messages, we have plenty of other ways, and we will continue to build this page out to list many, many more ways to dominate, humiliate, control, abuse your submissive, sissy, cuckold or partner via text messages.

Whether you are looking for dominant things to say to your boyfriend or dominant things to say to your girlfriend, you can find all the answers here on this page.

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