Cuckold Rules

The Cuckold RULES

As an inferior, useless male, you know fully that you can not satisfy women. Whether it is your wife or girlfriend or if It is your Mistress owner that you serve, you know perfectly well that you do not give her the pleasure she deserves.

This is why she cheats on you with real men. Alpha males who can fuck her properly, stretch her wet pussy and give her wave after wave of endless pleasure as he makes her orgasm. He is ten times the man you will ever be, and she will make sure you know it.

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She will make you listen to their sex sessions, stand in the corner, kneel beside them, and watch or make you listen to every excruciating detail as she recants the mind-blowing sex in graphic detail.

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You are not worthy of anything other than being her tiny dick cuckold loser, and as such, there are rules which apply to you.

These rules are cuckolding 101.

Each wife/GF may have different sets, and a Mistress will have her own. Some may apply to others, but each individual set must be adhered to at all times by you, the cuck.

Whilst every couple/Dom will have their own sets of rules for the cuck to follow, below you will find an essential guide to the rules of a cuckold, which can be tweaked or added to by the Dominant female.

1 – You must never speak with her lover while she is on the phone. They are enjoying their conversation and do not deserve you to interrupt. Nothing you have to say is more important than them. Wait until they allow you to speak. This also applies if in the company of the alpha couple.

2 – Always be prepared to open the door to the bull and bring him in. Your shame and embarrassment at having to do this for the man fucking your wife/GF is not his issue; it is yours.

3 – If required, you should be ready to be the fluffer and to get the alpha male’s cock hard, ready for sex. You should also be prepared to guide his superior dick into her pussy

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4 – Never, EVER answer your Goddess back in front of Master. If she tells you to do something, no matter how degrading or humiliating, you must do it immediately. Never embarrass her with backchat in front of her real man.

5 – Do not leave the room until you are told. This includes the sitting room and the bedroom after you have shown him in. If they start to make out and have sex without permitting you to leave, you must stand quietly, no matter how uncomfortable or humiliated you are.

6 – Always serve your Mistress and her Alpha with drinks and snacks when required. They should not have to request them; you should bring them BEFORE they have to ask.

7 – Do not ever talk negatively about the bull. No matter what he does to you, what he says or looks at you, he is superior to you as a male in every way, and this is his right. Never complain to your superior female about him, either. – The best cuckold phone chat lines

8 – If you are a chastity cuckold, no matter how much it hurts, you should never touch it. Your little cock will no doubt be struggling to get hard and be free, but you should accept this pain of being locked in chastity and not touch your cage, no matter how little the feeling of relief will be.

9 – If the bull gets a cab or taxi, you should pay, no questions asked.

10 – Kissing or massaging her feet while her lover is pleasuring her is an act you should relish. She deserves the relaxation of her feet being worshipped while her pussy pounded. – Check out the  cuckold cams chat here

11 – You should never hesitate or try to talk your way out if the Bull cums inside her and you are instructed to clean her out by licking his mess from her pussy.

12 – If she tells you about her sex sessions with other men, you should always listen attentively and show keen interest. Never let your hurt show when she tells you about her time with other men.

13 – If she is getting ready for a date with her lover, you should help her get ready and make sure she looks as sexy to him as possible.

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14 – Never hesitate to pay for the lingerie she wants to buy for his pleasure or the meals from when they go out on dinner dates. Always be ready with your credit card.

15 – If either of them requires you to be humiliated to prove to the bull that you are vastly inferior to him, then you must accept this. Whether it is that you be naked, be locked in chastity, be spanked over her knee in front of him, kiss both of their feet, act as a table, be dressed as a sissy cuckold or any other demeaning act.

16. Wear chastity if she decides that you should hide that little thing away. She or the bull will be the key holder. Show her she can have anyone but that you belong to her

17. Wear a butt plug if she wants to stretch your little hole and humiliate you about it.

18. Wear her dirty used panties after sniffing and cleaning them. Sometimes they will have dried in cum stains

19. Thank the superior male for doing a job you could never do; tell him how superior he is to you and how he is a “real man.”

20. Become the best at cock sucking if she requires this; make sure to continue to thank him as you guide his cock inside her.

21 Lick her ass as he is inside her; you can lay underneath and  smell the sex, taste it and see how much he is stretching her

22. Always cleaning up after them, cleaning his dick after sex and her pussy

23. Help her in bars when selecting her bull for a one-night stand. Make sure always to support her and recognise you can never be a man

24 if she gets pregnant, you will look after the children even though they are his. You will support them in any way they deem fit for you

25. Clean for them, cook for them, go shopping for them, any chores she decides you will follow

As stated previously, these are some of the basic rules for a cuckold. Some will be relevant to your situation; some might not be. Of course, they are not set in stone and can be tweaked and adjusted to suit each person’s tastes and circumstances.

Every scenario is different, but the basic principle is the same. The  Dominant women and their alpha males are superior to you, and you are nothing more than a blot on their landscape. That is why you have rules to follow, and they can do as they please.

The life of a cuckold is not easy.

The life of a cuckold is not easy. You lust after and desire this woman, but you have a dick that is far too small to do anything to make her happy, so you can never have her but instead have to suffer the thought or actual visuals of her with another man. No matter how jealous, envious or desperate you may be for it to be you, it never will be.

Instead, you need to content yourself with the fact that she gets what she needs from him and that she is happy and satisfied, which is all you should care about anyway. Your feelings are unimportant.

If you follow the above rules or your variation, you will at least serve some purpose in her life, just not sexually.