20 Joi Ideas

20 JOI Ideas   -FEMDOM JOI

Every guy loves a good wank. Right from they were a teenager, maybe earlier than that, they’ve been jerking themselves off and having a self-love orgasm whenever the chance arises. Read our Fedmom Joi ideas

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It’s good to keep things fresh and new though, so it’s important to have variation and mix it up a bit. That’s what the purpose here is. To give you new jerk-off ideas and the best jerk-off instructions. See the Joi phone sex lines for wank Instructions


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JOI Edging with Pov

Right from you entered the horny teenager stage where a woman in a pair of shorts would cause a tent in your trousers and right past losing your virginity or getting oral sex you realised that nothing compares to a good wank. Perhaps the idea of Joi game or Pov Joi looking at big tits as you jerk off and edge. Edging JOI is one of our favourite things to do having you come to the edge over and over and over again

There are countless ways in which to do it and achieve that oh-so-glorious feeling of orgasm and here, we will try to give you different ways and methods so that things can be kept fresh and not become stale.

Every man gets a specific technique that he uses all the time. It stands to reason they will find the best way they can that will give them the best, most powerful orgasm but it is important to spice it up every now and again.

That is the aim here and even if it only gives you something that you adapt and make your own then that is a good thing.

1 – Dead hand wank
 This technique is as old as the hills. Everybody knows this one. Sit or lie on your hand for about 15 to 20 minutes till it goes to sleep and feels numb. Then grab hold of your rock-hard cock and start wanking. The fact your hand is numb will make it feel like you are getting a hand job from someone else.

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2 – Cup your balls
Don’t neglect the balls! Carefully cup them and caress them as you stroke your cock. Rub them a bit as well. This causes the pent-up cum to mix and stir. It makes them fire and gives off a fantastic sensation.

3 – Try kneeling
It’s a pretty safe assumption that you almost always lie on your back when you’re indulging in self-love so for a nice change, either get on all fours or kneeling. The blood will flow to different areas and get trapped which makes everything feel so much more different and causes you to feel as though you are floating.

4 – Use couch cushions
Lift the cushion of your settee up from the base and slide your dick in the gap and let the cushion come back down. Then start humping away. You will cum like never before so it’s a good idea to put a towel in there as well!

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5 – Put pillows on the bed or floor
This is a bit complicated but definitely worth the effort. Put a pillow on the floor and lie on top of it. Hold your cock and begin to hump it while holding your hand. The difference in sensations from the humping and what your hand is doing to your cock will scramble your brain so it does not know what it’s doing and will make you giddy with excitement so you cum extra hard

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6 – Use both hands
If you can use both hands side by side then well done! This is sadly not achievable by 95% of the rest of the male population and if you are one of them, open your palms and put one on either side of your hard-on and then trap your cock between your palms. Then move them up and down till you reach climax.

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7 – Put a finger up your ass
A classic just like the dead hand wank and more men do it than will admit to it! As you jerk off simply insert a finger (or two depending on your mood!) up your ass and find your prostate. Rub it gently as you wank and get ready for a mind-blowing orgasm

8 – Pull your balls
Much like rubbing them, another neat masturbation trick is to pull on your balls. This works on a pleasure and pain theory akin to slap and tickle. The mild discomfort will fuck your brain and become a massive turn on which will give you an awesome session.

9 – Find the male G-Spot
Yes, it actually exists! It’s located near your prostate. Gently and softly rub the area in between your ass and your balls. Its an incredibly sensitive area and once you find the right spot some gentle rubbing and massaging will be having you moaning and groaning with pleasure in no time

10 – Pinch or play with your nipples
A much forgotten erogenous zone, the nipples are a highly sensitive area. Tweaking and playing with them can be like flicking a switch that gets you instantly turned on and when you combine it with the fact you’re stroking and wanking a rock-hard cock at the same time then you have a brain overload that will have you gooning and rolling your eyes in no time

11 – Use a hand to jerk and another to toy with the cock head
Try jerking off but using your other hand to massage your cock head in a circular fashion. This will increase the endorphins shooting and firing through your cock to lift the pleasure bar through the roof and make you cum hard and fast.

12 – Buy a fleshlight
A metal tube that is shaped and designed to feel like a real pussy. This is the perfect toy for a guy who wants some sex but doesn’t want the hassle. Simply lube up, insert cock and away you go. Thrust it back and forth for an almost lifelike experience but still making it a masturbation session

13 – Prop up your lower body
Lay down with your back on the floor and with your ass on a chair or the settee so that your legs are elevated and up high. Then start jerking off. The blood rushing to your head will mix with the endorphins for an incredible feeling.

14 – Stop Start
Rather than just belting at it and going as fast as you can to reach the conclusion, why don’t you savour it and let the feeling build and last? Jerk off till you are 1 or 2 strokes from orgasm then slow right down to barely a movement. Then when you have calmed down, increase the speed again. Then when you get close, stop altogether and let the pulsing stop. Then repeat around 6 to a dozen times and your cock will get harder, thicker and your balls will get fuller. This means when you do cum it will be so powerful and satisfying

15 – Use your weak hand
Everyone uses their dominant hand when they wank off. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, it’s the one you will always use. Why not try using your other hand though? This is sometimes called a hands twin it will give you a unique feeling. Trying to control your weak hand will have you doing things you would never normally do when jerking off and the feeling will be totally different than normal. It will take a bit of practice but stick with it and eventually you will get it down and be able to reach a happy conclusion.

16 – Lots and lots of lube
Might sound simple and may even be something you already do but the more lubricant you use then the more slippery and less resistance there will be between your cock and your hand. No friction and having the ability to get the entire shaft moving will give you a much better facility for getting the whole cock moving and making sure there is a big bang at the end!

17 – Hold your breath
Holding your breath makes for a VERY powerful orgasm. The intensity and depth of it will cause your eyes to roll back in your head and leave you in awe of how powerful it was. As you feel yourself getting closer to the edge take a huge deep breath and hold it as you cum. It will feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before. It is NOT recommended to try using any other props or toys to achieve this. Auto erotic asphyxiation is a dangerous pastime.

18 – Twist your fist
Hold your cock as you usually do and then as you jerk up and down flex your wrist to make a twisty action. This will heighten the sensation in your penis and make for a much better feeling as you wank off

19 – Hold cock in your hand and thrust your hips

Either stand up or kneel and hold your cock not too tight and with just enough force to create a building sensation. Then hold your hand still and thrust your hips back and forward.

20 – Rub inside of your thighs
That soft, smooth skin on the inside of your thigh is largely untouched and kept hidden. Rub and stroke it as you jerk off and you will be amazed just how much it heightens the sensations in your dick. The sensory overload will consume you and give you a better orgasmic feeling.

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So there it is. Twenty ways in which you can make your jerk-off sessions even better. There is no need to stick to the same old boring routine or let things become mundane and stale. There are many options for you to freshen it up and keep it exciting and new.

Try one of the options for JOI we have provided and if you like it, you can amend it to suit yourself. There are many different options for making it your own and there are limitless possibilities.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a new way to jerk off, lie back, get hard and grab your cock. It’s jerk-off time and nothing can stop you from making it better and better every time.

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All of our techniques have been tried and tested on many guys just like you, we love to think outside the box and heighten that orgasm for you, so you can be assured of trying and testing new ways to masturbate that cock for us. 

Perhaps we may decide to edge it, ruin it or carry on with post-orgasm torture. We are always looking to heighten the experience either in a webcam chat or phone chat. No matter what the scenario our girls are available 247 to take you on a new journey of exploring mutual masturbation, wanking instructions, cock teasing, pre cum play.

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Joi meaning

Joi stands for Jerk off Instructions or Jack off Instructions, it’s where the person normally the male has his hand around his penis and takes instructions on how to wank it. Faster, slower, harder start, stop, and change hands are all but a few of the types of instructions given, It is usually verbal but sometimes can be visual where the female will strip off and start to tease him.

An instructor will sometimes demonstrate how to stroke the penis while teaching a man Jerkoff techniques. Men will typically be instructed on how fast or slow or harder or softer to jerk off, how quickly to stroke, and where to touch. To show the proper technique, the  Person could also utilise a sex toy as a visual help.

The two primary types of jerkoff teaching are jerkoff humiliation, which plays on the sub’s weaknesses by making him feel dirty, humiliated or ashamed of how turned on and aroused he is and desire to masturbate, and jerkoff encouragement, which is positive reinforcement assisting a sub to climax or prolonging it and having him edge it for a while which could lead into a gooning session.

The goal of jerkoff training may be to help a man come as quickly as possible or to lightly tease him. If the sub experiences an orgasm at all, the Mistress may try to prolong the orgasm and arousal and make him wait a long time for it. The man may often come near to orgasm but never quite achieve it thanks to a technique called edging.

As the submissive masturbating must give up some power to his mistress. femdom, jerkoff training might be a convenient approach to experiment with BDSM. In contrast to many BDSM techniques, it is a very low-risk power exchange because it exclusively emphasises pleasure rather than punishment.


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