21 Adult Baby Humiliation Ideas

21 Ideas for Adult Baby Humiliation- Abdl Phone Chat, Webcam, Real-Time

As a Mistress/Nanny, I enjoy the adult baby fetish. The fun and games that can be had are endless and almost all adult baby sessions are ones they all look forward to.

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Nothing beats the joy that comes from an ABDL session and whether it is an online ABDL webcam session, phone chat session or real-time, they are always fantastically good fun and leave me with a smile on their face.

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Dummy Humiliation, Nappy/diaper humiliation, Singing songs, party games, playtime, storytime, dressing up, and feeding times, there is lots of fun to be had.

That’s not to say that babykins doesn’t still deserve a really good old-fashioned dose of humiliation at the hands of Mistress, though. They must be reminded of their place and taught who is in charge.

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If your adult babies are acting like little brats and are causing you to tear your hair out then, they need to be punished and the best way to do that is with a bit of humiliation. If you punish them by humiliating them, then this leaves a lasting impression and will cause them a lot more suffering than just an early bedtime. 

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All adult babies are different. Some like to go way back to infantilism others prefer toddler times, so the list below covers different areas.

Are they an adult baby girl or a boy? Are they adult baby sissy girls?

I will be adding to this list over time, but for now, I have started with 22 ideas and suggestions to use

What kind of humiliation can an adult baby suffer?

There are many inventive and cruel ways in which you can inflict humiliating acts on your ABDL, but here are 20 of the most common-

  • – Make them sit in a wet diaper

If a baby wets or soils their diaper, then they needs to be punished, and the best way to do that and ensure they learns not to do it again is by making them sit in it. Being forced to sit in a wet nappy is highly humiliating for an adult baby. They will hate it and cry to be changed, but they must learn a harsh lesson. Make them sit in their mess until you are satisfied they will not do it again.

  • – Have them sing nursery rhymes

Rather than having to sing numerous nursery rhymes to either calm your baby or get them to sleep, make them sit or stand in front of you and recite all those nursery rhymes for you.

Word for word and have them sing loudly. Baa baa, black sheep, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Itsy Wincey Spider or Mary Had a Little Lamb, to name but a few. Sit and watch them sing, and have them dance for you. Ensure they keep their enthusiasm levels high and put in a lot of effort. You could even do some pictures and videos or invite your girlfriends over for entertainment.

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  • – Fill their nappy with food

If your baby is misbehaving, then a good dose of humiliation and suffering should teach them to behave and make sure they do as they are told. One of the best ways to do this is by filling their nappy with foodstuff and making them sit in it for extended periods.

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The messier the food, the better for this to ensure maximum discomfort. Cold custard, jello, jam, whipped cream, sponge cake, mashed potato, gravy, ice cream, yogurt, melted chocolate, or cold soup are some of the best and messiest items to fill a baby’s nappy with for them to sit in for a few hours. Ignore their crying and begging as they sit in the squishy, horrible mess.

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  • – Give them a spanking

Discipline 101. When acting out, an excellent swift spanking is the best way for a quick resolution to the problem. Have them stand and explain to them why their behavior won’t be tolerated.

Have them apologize to you ( again, depending on the age of the adult baby) explain that this will hurt you more than it will them, and then pull them across your knee and use your hand, a hairbrush, or a wooden spoon to make their butt cheeks glow red and the tears flow in their eyes as they sob and cry. Doing this also over the top of a wet messy nappy can be humiliating for the adult baby, especially if in a public place or front of an audience.

Do not let up and keep going. Ignore the pleading and the promises to behave. Make sure they feel every stroke and continue to scold them as you dish out their spanking.

  • Give them a soapy enema

The baby needs to be clean and fresh and the best way to ensure that is by use of a warm, soapy enema. Oh, they will not want it. They will beg and plead and cry not to suffer the humiliation of getting an enema, but that’s just too bad.

Make them bend over and strap them down if need be. Then proceeded to give them their enema but inserted the tube and filled the nozzle. Further, humiliate them by telling them they are dirty, that this is a filthy job, and that they should be ashamed. Comment throughout so they feel the embarrassment.

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  • Wear a diaper under adult clothes

When out of baby mode, it is essential always to make sure your sub knows who is in control so if he (or she) has acted out or been defiant and acted like a brat, then a good humiliation for them is to force them to wear a diaper under their adult clothing.

The paranoia that people will realize they are wearing a nappy will torture them, and they will hate every second of it. They will be so humiliated at the bulge under their trousers and will not be comfortable at all.

  • – Loud public scolding

Nothing embarrasses an adult baby more than being scolded in public for misbehavior, but if they will not behave, then that’s what you do. Get right in their face and yell at them. Point your finger at them. Don’t give a damn who can hear you.

They will be squirming in embarrassment and fidgeting like crazy as you tear into them. They will want the ground to open up and swallow them as people look on and stare but don’t let up. Make sure to let them know that you WANT people to see them getting a scolding and that you don’t care how many people are present.

  •  Random Nappy  checks

When out in public stop and put your hand down the front of their nappy to check if it’s wet or dry and then make sure to say out very loudly that you are checking and what you have found. You can even tell the ABDL that you will change  them  in a public park or public place so others around can see them

  • Tell them they will never be like the bigger girls and boys

Tell them they are backward and will never grow up to be like the other babies and that they will stay in playschool for the rest of their lives. Remind them they will never be a big boy or girl and that they will always be in a diaper /nappy for the rest of their life

  • Ask a shop assistant where diapers can be bought for your adult baby

With your baby in tow, find a shop assistant and ask them, loudly if you like, where the diapers are and explain it’s because your adult baby has had an accident and needs to be changed.

They will be mortified at the vanilla assistant knowing they have messed up their diaper, but that is their problem to deal with. If you are feeling evil, make your ABDL and ask the assistant where they are! They will probably be near to tears as you make them do that!

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  • Only allowed to speak in a baby voice

They are a baby so why should they talk in a grown-up voice using grown-up words? The answer is they shouldn’t make them only talk like babies. Saying things like “gaga goo-goo” is extremely humiliating but also being forced to say things such as “me hungry”, “I am tired” etc can be degrading. Do not let them use an adult voice or words, and keep them in baby space.

  • Stick a dummy/pacifier in their mouth when in public

If they have been back chatting, acting up, making too much noise or even if you just want peace, shove a pacifier in their mouth and make them suck on it.

Sure they might hate it and want to keep spitting it out but keep doing it until they accept it must stay in there. Make them keep it in there as they sit or lie down. Ensure it remains when they are moving around and to add to their humiliation, keep pointing out how cute they look and laugh at them as they suck on it loudly (especially if they look humiliated or cross that they have been made to suck on it!)

  • Make them come for a diaper inspection

As much as an ABDL enjoys wearing diapers and as incredibly humiliating it is to wet or soil them; it is even more humiliating and degrading to be made to come for an inspection so you can check they have stayed dry. Make them stand in front of you as you explain what the inspection will entail. Watch them squirm with embarrassment as they picture what is in store for them.

Tell them how you will inspect their diapers for any mess in excruciating detail. You will make them bend over and pat it to see it is soiled. Of how you’ll smell to see if it is full, pull back the elastic to check for yourself. No AB will enjoy a diaper inspection, so it is an excellent way of humiliating them, especially if they have had an “accident” beforehand and have not been changed.

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  • Strap bondage mittens on them

It is unfortunate that some adult babies just can not keep their hands away from their penis. They must keep playing with themselves and rubbing it, and that sort of behavior needs to be eradicated.

The best way to do that is to strap bondage mittens to them. These fingerless mittens prevent any dirty, disgusting behavior and ensure that babies can’t touch themselves. For increased humiliation, make babies try to pick things up while wearing their mittens and laugh at them as they struggle. Mock them for not being able to do it and call them silly and stupid for being unable to perform a simple task.

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  • Put them in a baby doll dress

Most effective for male babies but can also be quite humiliating for female ones as well. Make them wear a cute pink baby doll dress for long periods. Refer to how cute they look, have them give you a twirl, have them lift it so you can admire their diaper, have them dance so it shakes, and be sure to point out how short it is so that everyone can see their nappy.

For male babies, it will be highly humiliating if you make them wear a bright pink one and then laugh at them as their face goes bright red.

  • Make them soil their nappy in front of you and your friends

As humiliating as it is for an adult baby to soil their nappy and have to be scolded and changed by a nanny, it is incredibly humiliating and degrading to stand in front of a Nanny and soil themselves on purpose. Make them stand there until they do it.

They may get stage fright and be unable to do it, so make them drink lots of prune juice and cod liver oil or liquid paraffin to “help” them go. Laugh and giggle as they struggle and then mock the look on their face as they fill their nappies with their mess.

They will be completely and utterly humiliated, but you can make it even worse for them by simply dismissing them without changing them and forcing them to wear that soiled diaper for some time afterward. If you are feeling particularly cruel, you can also mock them for having a smelly diaper and soiling themselves in front of their adult baby nanny. This will make them squirm.

  • Have them explain why they are a naughty boys/girl

While they may think they are being smart by acting out, misbehaving or answering back, one thing they will hate is having to stand and explain to you why they have been naughty. The squirming and scowling will make them detest every second of it but make them stay there and explain it all to you.

Every minute detail should be mentioned to make the shift as much as possible. They will want the ground to open up and swallow them as you make them tell you all the naughty things they have done to annoy you, and you should then insist that they apologize to you.

  • – Rub hot sauce on their privates, then diaper them

Take a big jar of hot sauce and have them pull their diaper or panties down. Then take some sauce and smear it generously all over their privates until they whimper.

Then pull their diaper back up and send them on their way. Either back to bed, back down to play, or send them to the corner if it is punishment time. Within seconds they will be squirming and in tears as the hot sauce begins to burn.

Mock them for the squirming, laugh that they are “dancing” for you, and giggle as they begin to beg and try to fan the red-hot heat in their privates. If you feel cruel, secure a bell or two to your adult baby so that it dings and rings when they move around.

  • – Ignore them

All adult babies crave your attention. They need it, desire it, and live for it. Whether acting out to get it, being good as gold or just shouting “nanny” to get your attention, they want it. Therefore, one of the best ways to humiliate them is to ignore them.

This act is not humiliating, but the begging, crying, and pleading that will follow from them most certainly will be. They will be distraught at not getting your attention as you read a book or browse the internet.

Let them stand begging and sobbing for you to look at them or acknowledge them. With the tears running down their face and snot in their nose, they will look ridiculous, but just look at them and laugh without saying anything, then go back to what you were doing. Effectively, they are humiliating themselves without you having to do anything

  • – Corner Time

Especially effective after a good hard spanking, send them to the corner and make them stand facing it for an extended period. Either with their diaper up or for added humiliation, pulled down, they must stand facing the wall for a time as long as they desire.

You can make them do it with their hands on top of their head or put a penny on the wall and make them hold it there with their nose. Every so often when you pass, you can smack their bottom or scold them as they are forced to stare at the wall.

If they have just had a spanking and you are making them do it with their diaper down to expose their bright red cheeks, be sure to mock how red they are

  • – Naughty step

Some babies feel this is worse than corner time if they have been bad. Make them sit on the naughty step to think about their behavior. You can walk around freely, ignoring them, as they are forced to sit there with nothing to do.

Every time they see you, they will be reminded that they are being punished and forced to sit on a naughty step like a bad boy or girl, and it will be incredibly humiliating for them to experience that level of shame for a long period.


So there you have it. Twenty-two ways to humiliate an adult baby. Humiliation is personal, and what one person finds degrading might feel like nothing to another. Experiment with different things and find out what works best for you.

Alternatively, you can go to a femdom cams site or phone chat site where there are lots of Mistress webcam Dominas and Phone dommes who can talk you through various scenarios and things you can do. Alternatively, you can have an online adult baby session with a nanny or mommy.

These sites are filled with live Dominas who are all well-versed in dealing with adult baby lovers and the best ways to deal with humiliation and degradation. 

Hopefully, the above list has given you some ideas to get you started, and you can add to them and create your scenarios and situations that suit your specific tastes and desires.

Have fun!

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