Submissive Training & Punishments

Submissive Training  & Punishments – Bdsm Lifestyle Mistress

Domination & Humiliation Techniques, Ideas, scenarios and roleplays from a real Pro Domme who has been on the scene and lived the lifestyle for 22 years.

I am not someone who just writes an article and has never lived the lifestyle or practised it in some way like most other writers who just research and rehash information they find.

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Read on if you’re looking for ways to discipline your submissive slave or sissy girl. You may use a number of the tips and techniques we’ve provided online, at home, or in your dungeon.
BDSM  and Any roleplay or way of life may include punishments, rewards, sanctions, services, worship & obligations and penalties.

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Any punishment should be explained to the submissive. We’ve listed both severe and mild slave punishments. However, the severity of the penalty depends on the offence. 

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Before punishing someone, always employ appropriate, reasonable, and agreeable language. While other Dominants employ a safe word, some use a traffic signal system.

Discuss with your slave/sissy/partner before commencing any BDSM practices. Safe, sane and Consensual is always the way forward in any BDSM Session 

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Discuss the safe word with slaves before slave training commences

We occasionally have subs that act up and are brats, even using the safe word. Before sessions start, please discuss this with your slave and sissy as sometimes Brat will say stop and they don’t want you to it’s all part  of play for them, so please establish this before starting

As a dominatrix, if my submissive is being spanked and ordered to count and thank me after everyone, I can tell by the tone of their voice whether I’m pushing him too far with his punishment or whether I need to be more severe.

Do not upset the sub; instead, try to alter their behaviour. Most slaves are aware of the consequences of their mistakes.

They might be punished if they skip a session without informing the dominatrix, forget to text, take their chastity device off without authorization, or masturbate without consent or in public without being allowed to.

 A few Pictures from my real BDSM, Domination, Humiliation Sessions

List of Submissive Punishments

My list will not be like others who are more ( pc) with what they write. My list will be true hard facts of what I have done and continue to do with my slaves and sissy girls and real scenarios, not written for the faint-hearted that’s for sure.

This list will be long and will cover many many different forms of discipline, domination, slave training, humiliation, punishment tips, ideas and scenarios BDSM torture scenarios, bondage ideas, sexual domination, public scenarios and many more.

My preferred method of reprimanding rebellious slaves is  spanking. I use flip-flops, belts, paddles, tawse whips, and my hand.

Engage him, put him in  Chastity, and don’t allow him to orgasm again until he has understood his mistake. So that he cannot escape, and make sure you keep the key or do random checks on the number tag.

Cane – Being confined and caned will draw the attention of any obedient slave or sissy. This can be carried out when secured to the St Andrews CROSS or on the bed.I enjoy corporal punishment also known as you can also use floggers, bull whips, belts etc – ready for my submissive phone sex chat?

Make them drink water, and forbid them from using the toilet, then stand on their tummy and watch them squirm about

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Make them jog, sit up, and press up until they are exhausted.

Make them count the spaghetti, rice, cornflakes, and other items. Halfway through, add syrup and have them separate.

 listen to a piece of music through headphones all day and it must be the same repetitive song. It was more despised by the subs I’ve worked with than caning.

Make them edge over and over again to   the full  gooning extent – see gooning phone sex here

Ruined orgasm One of my Favourites takes them to the point of no return then ruins the orgasm – This is a killer for them- All that hard work with nothing in return – See  tease and denial phone sex

Post Orgasm Torture  – Another fav make them  have the ruined orgasm but keep stroking after, this is a killer as the cock is sensitive and the hormone levels have dropped they want to stop but you force them to keep going, watch the facial expressions as they beg to stop  – see  edge play phone sex

Jerk-off instructions is also known as JOI – I always have fun with this one, tell them how fast or slow to wank, where to touch, when to start and stop, what areas to use, how wet to make it and many many other ways ( that are saved for my callers) Want to know? 

Strapon Training – Make them your bitch, bend them over spit in that ass as lube or use their precum and then slide the strap on inside and make them admit they are your bitch or that they are now gay.  Pegging is always fun for me as a Mistress/Femdom

Cuckold – Turn them into your cuck and make them admit they are not a real man, have them lick the cum from you or admit they would do this and how they would respect a real man’s cock  

Subs/slaves/sissies understand better when they are verbally and physically abused. You don’t always need to raise your voice with verbal humiliation, it’s all about the words you use

Forced Feminization – Make them dress like a sissy and then do pictures and videos and humiliate them

Splosh them – Splosh them with gunge, custard pies cream and then do pictures – I love wet and messy play

Findom – Engage them in financial domination or blackmail fantasy

Take away their favourite foods, cosy clothes, TV, laptop, and phone if your sub enjoys suffering.

Ignore them; make them stay still in a corner for hours. I have to admit I do enjoy ignoring scenarios

Use them as your human ashtray – I enjoy blowing smoke on them and flicking my ash in their mouth or making them chew the cig butts –Smoking is a huge fetish for some subs

Spitting  – Another huge request I get, spitting on their face or in  their mouth, I am usually verbally abusive when I do this particular act – spitting fetish is very popular

Face Slapping – A huge slap over the face as you tell them what you think of them. This always gets their attention – Sometime si will spit first on their face and then slap hard over it

Ball pulling and stretching – I enjoy tieing balls or making them wear ball weights then kicking them and laughing –Ball-busting is always top of my list.

Pimping & Selling Sissy girls – Threaten to pimp them out or just go ahead and do it, I have posted many ads on classified sites for my sissy girls, with them either offering phone sex services or to find cocks to suck and make money for me. I have also posted ads on the dark web trying to sell  my sluts to the highest bidder ( Yes I don’t threaten I take action)

Forced Bisexual scenarios – I demand they suck cock for me I love to turn straight men into little cock sucking faggots

Abdl  –( Adult baby diaper lover) This is a huge fetish for a lot of people but also a huge humiliation for others. So find the others and use it to your advantage, ensure you put a big nappy on them and lock them in it. They can only pee or poo while in their big adult baby nappy, send them to the shop, or go out with them and make sure to pull a part of the nappy out of their trousers  so it sticks out for everyone to see

Cum Eating – Make them eat their own cum loads and pre cum – Again humiliating, you can also make them rub it on their faces and under their noses so they can smell it all day long. I like to tell them its a badge of honour and a reminder of what and who they are

I get many call me on my  live sex line for CEI then disappear as soon as they have done the act. So I now have them cum in condoms  before they call and freeze it so they can eat it during the session when they are still horny

Make him execute monotonous tasks that he detests. 

Use the jagged pinwheel on their cock and balls, or get some jaggy nettles, put them in a condom then make them jerk their cock. you sit back and laugh 

Put a ball gag in and make them sing and read aloud as you watch them drool.

Make him iron the clothing in the closet and refold the clothes.

They should spend the day scrubbing a floor with a toothbrush.

Go shopping, and have him wear uncomfortable shoes.

In broad daylight, electrocute him using estimms- I have a key fob that I can  zap them from up to 4 metres

Using cock and ball torture and ballbusting to discipline disobedient subs always worked.

Make them consume foods they detest while begging for more drinks. I made a substitute who detested coffee drink it nonstop as a form of punishment.

Wash your bathroom floor with their tongue – You can also make them clean inside the toilet pan with their tongue and then make them clean and suck the toilet brush

He should use the floor to eat the scraps of food you throw on it. You can also make him eat your scraps from inside the bin 

Send him out to shop while wearing a tacky T-shirt. I have had subs/sissies go to the shop wearing a T-shirt saying “I’m a sissy girl” or I wear ladies’ panties or even owned by Mistress 

 Make him wear fake tan and make it patchy then Keep him from washing off the fake tan. You can also  polish their nails and  refuse to let them have nail polish remover

Deface his body  Make him write what a loser or  cock sucker he is

Post pictures of them getting destroyed in front of pals online.


There are numerous ways to penalties for slaves and sissy sluts. I enjoy providing games of teasing and denial, sexual punishment scenarios, concepts, and tactics, as well as BDSM responsibilities.

This dominance manual is intended to assist you in punishing your slave or sissy.

We love coming up with kinky penalties for subs, ranging from light BDSM to heavy.

Clarify sub-rules before contracts and proposals are made.

We enjoy spanking dares, orgasm denial games, and severe caning. thinking about ddlg scenarios?

Some individuals favour the sensual elements of BDSM, such as the light touches, the blindfolds, the guessing games, the sex toys, and the modest bondage.

List of more sensual dominance Penalties

During sensual domination, any partner might be the receiver. Take the buddy to their underground area. When used in a non-aggressive manner, sexual dominance may be seductive and enjoyable.

Tease them to the point of orgasm, but don’t allow them

Once they have been sufficiently tickled, don’t let them go.

provide them with pleasure, but not allowed an orgasm

Ask them to guess what they’re using on you while they are blindfolded and bound. If they make a bad estimate, punish them.

We utilise blindfolds, ropes, ice cubes, creams, lotions, food, oils, and feathers throughout our sessions of sensuous control and punishment.