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Edge Play Phone Sex Chat

Are you looking for edge play phone domination? Looking to be teased, denied, and taken to the edge over and over?

Then look no further. Call me, Mistress Uk Phone Sex, now, and let me give you an edge play femdom phone session that will blow you away.

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I have over 20 years of experience in the BDSM world, and one of my favourite activities is edge play. I LOVE taking a male to the brink of a satisfying orgasm and then making him stop. After my expert teasing, his cock is throbbing, and he is aching for relief, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than taking him right to the edge and then denying him the final push. Edge play phone sex

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Call the number above now and get straight through to me, and I will give you an edge play phone sex session that you will NEVER forget.

I have a natural ability to know exactly how to turn guys on, and I am an expert manipulator who will get inside your head and find out all your fetishes and fantasies. My soft yet strict voice will pull you in and lull you into a false sense of security that will leave you vulnerable to my games and have you revealing everything that turns you on. Then I will use them all against you.

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I will get you hot, bothered, and excited by talking about all the things you like and letting you wank until you are close to cumming, and then I will deny you the final push.

I can’t get enough of hearing that frustrated groan as I make men edge and then make them stop. It is like music to my ears. Then they get a few seconds before I have them start wanking again until they are ready to explode, and still, I don’t give them permission to cum. More kinky masturbation cams here

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There is nothing easier to control than a horny male desperate to empty his nuts, and I use that fact to my full advantage. Getting you all worked up and knowing I have the power of your release and longed for an orgasm right at the edge of my fingertips. Horny, desperate males have brains like mush and are incapable of saying no to anything, and that’s where the fun is.

The power of imagination is a wonderful thing, and edge play is perfect for phone domination. I will be the most explicit and descriptive Domme you have ever heard and will have your cock rock hard in no time and then have you edging yourself over and over until you are begging me to let you cum. Still, I will just laugh at you, and make you stop to calm down before I make you start over again.

Edgeplay is one of the most common areas of femdom and is one I have a particular fondness for. To have men in the palm of my hand, aching for relief and having the power to say no for as long as I want is a rush I don’t let go of easily!

So call me now, and get ready to be tormented and frustrated as I take you on an edge play journey you won’t forget!

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex Chat

I love nothing more than telling you how fast, how slow, how many strokes, and which hand to use, as well as the instructions on touching or playing with your balls and leading to some intense orgasm control with twisted edge play that will drive you crazy with frustration. Perhaps you need some post-orgasm torture afterwards or even the threat of a ruined orgasm after edging or milking the cock and balls using a milking machine.No matter the scenario, I can assure you I will push the boundaries to their fullest limit. Maybe I will make you edge all night long and give you tasks and porn videos to watch.

My style of edge play always has a twist to it with the element of surprise, will I let you cum? Will I make you wear chastity and take it out to the edge then lock it away again? Will I, tease you with my sexy body and feet? Will I make you pay the release fines?

Only one way to find out what’s on my mind tonight is to lift the phone and call a real femdom who knows what buttons to press to get inside her slave and sissy girls’ heads. I own that cock and balls as well as that orgasm. Will I deny you that pleasure? Will you get your happy ending? How many edges will you be made to do before you are given a window to try and cum in under pressure?