How to use Cashapp

Instructions on how to use Cashapp

Cashapp is a fairly new way of transferring money and paying for services. It is incredibly easy to set up, taking only a few minutes. The money is transferred and appears in my account instantly so we can begin the session straight away.
If you are unfamiliar with cashapp and are nervous or unsure how to deal with money transferring services you aren’t familiar with, here is a guide in how to set it up.

1 – Go to your app or play store and search for “cash app”
2 – Click Install
3 – Open the app
4 – Enter your phone number
5 – A code to confirm your number will be sent via text message. Enter it
6 – Enter your debit or credit card information
7 – Type your full name (This can be fake if you prefer)
8 – Choose a £username
9 – Enter your post or zip code
10- You will see a green screen with a monetary symbol. Enter the amount you wish to send
11- Press “Pay”
12 – Enter the cashtag  £suziegold1 
13 – You don’t need to enter what it’s for if you don’t want to
14- Go to the top of the page and press “Pay”
15- Press “Done”
16- Wait until I confirm I have the money in my account

And that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

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