It’s Really Time to Stop Drinking

Patrick can’t stop drinking. He’s got a serious problem and it’s getting on his wife Terri’s nerves. He comes home drunk at least four nights a week and when she wants to go out on Friday and Saturday he always says no because he’s going to go down to the bar and get loaded with his buddies.

Then he comes home and he passes out before he can give her the sexual pleasure she needs. His wife is a hottie with a high sex drive and she needs to get fucked often so she doesn’t go mad with desire. Because of his excessive drinking, her husband just can’t provide her with that anymore. The time to solve that problem has arrived and Terri is ready to tackle it.

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It’s another Friday night and she’s been at home alone while her husband drinks himself into a stupor. As usual, he takes a cab home and comes stumbling through the door, mumbling and making his way to the bedroom. Once he’s this drunk all he wants to do is go to sleep and let the world of dreams welcome him with open arms. As usual, he has no interest in fucking Terri and once again her needy pussy will go without the penetration it craves so badly.



“You’re drunk again,” she says in a menacing tone.

“Yeah, so what,” he slurs as he struggles up the stairs in an attempt to get into that wonderfully soft bed that will take him to the land of dreams.

He only makes it up a few steps before losing his balance. Terri still loves her husband and even though there would be some pleasure in seeing him fall on his ass she runs up to catch him.

He puts his arm around her shoulder and together they ascend the staircase and make it to the bedroom. He mumbles a goodnight to her and falls face-first into the soft comforter. He doesn’t even bother taking his clothes off. That would take too much energy, of course.

Terri is standing at the foot of the bed looking down at her pathetic husband when an idea pops into her head. She’s going to put Patrick in her lingerie and then fuck him, turning the tables on him and putting him through what will undoubtedly be a torturous, painful experience that his asshole will never forget.

In a fun little twist she’ll throw down a few beers beforehand to get a little bit drunk so he can really learn what it’s like to be her when he tries to climb on top and slide his drunken cock into her hot hole.

Terri starts by stripping her husband naked. It’s quite a task taking his clothes off when he’s little more than a lump of crap on the bed but she manages to get it all eventually.

He lies there naked and his ass is looking awfully cute. That’s the body part that Terri is planning on invading so she takes an admiring look at it before pulling off his shirt and getting him completely. Once the clothes are entirely gone she can really start her plan.

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She figured that since he’s always drunk when he’s trying to mount her that she would get a little drunk herself. Having a buzz would certainly make it easier to do what she planned on doing to him. She shotgunned a few beers (college was the last time she’d done that with a drink) to get up the courage to put her plan into action and once the beer buzz took over she was ready to play.

Terri stepped over to her closet and with her head swimming in booze picked out one of her favourite lingerie sets. She was going to dress Patrick like a woman and fuck his ass with one of her big dildos to teach him a lesson about being such a sloppy drunk.

Before he took up drinking the two of them shared a fairly kinky sex life and so she brought out one of her favourite outfits from that time. It started with a pair of black fishnet stockings with a strip of black latex around the top. They looked surprisingly good on his legs because his hair was thin and fairly light-coloured. The fun was just getting started.

Terri was  cross-dressing her husband and there was something about it that aroused her more than she could have imagined. She was getting wet putting the stockings on his long legs and looking at his cock while she did. Despite his problem with alcohol she still loved this man and she wanted very badly for their marriage to work. She was still attracted to him too, as evidenced by her growing arousal at seeing his cock trapped in those beautiful stockings.

She put on the panties next and they were probably the hottest part of the sissy crossdressing outfit. They were made from black latex with sexy red ruffles around the edge and they sure did look amazing. They hugged his cock beautifully and by all accounts, he was a genuine sissy boy looking so sexy and sensual in that naughty little outfit and it wasn’t even finished yet. Next up was the top which combined a sexy red ruffled top with a black latex bodice.

It was something she had always enjoyed wearing because it made her look so sexy and feminine while making her feel sort of powerful. She knew that when she was wearing it she wouldn’t have any trouble turning her husband into a quivering mess of arousal.

After turning him into her forced crossdressing boy Terri reached into her nightstand and pulled out her dildo. It was the object that would slide into his asshole and spread him open and she couldn’t wait to bring the pain. She flipped over the sissy boy so his asshole was facing her and then got started with the hot doggy-style action. Slowly but surely she worked that long, hard cock into his butt and fucked him good.

She was talking to him while he slept through the fucking being administered to his asshole, “Does that feel good darling? Do you like knowing how it feels to be a woman? You look so good dressed up like a little sissy in your pretty lingerie and your asshole is nice and loose for my big cock. I’ll bet you love getting fucked like this, don’t you?”

He couldn’t answer, of course, but that didn’t stop her from getting incredibly hot when she talked dirty. In fact, she was getting just as much joy from the naughty talk as she was from the finger that was dancing over her clit. She was discovering that psychological pleasures could be just as powerful as physical pleasures.

A few minutes into his sissy ass fucking Patrick woke from his drunken stupor, although he was hardly in a lucid state of mind, “What are you doing Terri?”

His speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot and he felt a little nauseous, although that was probably just as much from the pain of having his ass fucked as it was from all the booze that was swirling around inside his stomach.

Terri’s dildo was not a small, simple pleasure device. It was a large vibrator meant to spread her pussy open while sending the pleasures of vibration through her. It was well-designed and it had always provided her with the pleasure she craved. Now she was sharing that pleasure with her crossdressing husband Patrick.

“Now you know how sex with a drunk feels!” she said in her own slightly slurred speech.

The four beers Terri had drunk before putting Patrick in his sissy clothing were clearly having an effect on her. She was doing things she would never have considered under normal circumstances and she really liked it. She was fucking her husband’s sissy asshole roughly with a very large dildo and she had no intentions of stopping anytime soon. All she wanted was to bone him hard in the butt to punish him.

Mistress and sissy

It was an interesting experience for Terri because there were so many different feelings swirling around inside her. She was incredibly angry at Patrick because he had willfully destroyed their marriage with his drinking and he didn’t seem to want to stop. She wanted revenge on him and fucking his sissy butt with a thick dildo was the best way for her to deliver it. That’s why she felt such incredible rage running through her body as she guided that big toy into his butt. Every time in she was thrusting it just a little bit harder and her dirty talk was getting pretty aggressive.

“Hey, that fucking hurts, Terri!” he screamed out in pain.

“I don’t give a fuck you little bitch! You’re a worthless drunk and you deserve this pain. You deserve to be forced into cross-dressing and fucked like a slut. You deserve to have your asshole torn open by a big cock and since I’m the only one who takes responsibility for anything around here I’m going to be the one to fuck you. Now shut up and take it!”

Her anger at her crossdresser husband was tempered by a love for him that she couldn’t help but feel despite her obvious frustrations with the way he behaved. Much to her amazement she still loved him and ass he was buttfucking him she could feel incredible arousal like she had never felt before building in her body. That’s why she started sucking on his cock. She wanted to give him pleasure while delivering incredible pain to his rectum.

She managed to get the dildo so deep into his body that his asshole actually became accepting of it. Instead of trying to force it out the asshole sucked it in and held it there. When she saw that she knew it was her opportunity to climb onto his cock and go for a ride. She bounced on his boner hard and took it balls deep into her dripping-wet pussy. They’d had plenty of great sex in their lives but she had never been so turned on before. His dick was giving her the kind of pleasure she had only dreamed of and he was just happy to have his cock in his wife even if it meant he had to have a big dildo in his sissy asshole.

The two of them ended up fucking for a long time that night and when Terri had her orgasm she climbed off the cock of her crossdressing husband and collapsed into the bed. It was exactly what she needed. Feeling an orgasm tear through her body once again was wildly erotic and she had a feeling that he’d be putting the lingerie on again sometime in the near future.

The next morning Patrick awoke remembering nothing from the night before. All he knew was that his asshole hurt like hell and that he was wearing women’s lingerie. He looked at his wife sleeping peacefully next to him and wondered what on earth had gone down. His mind was completely blank and that’s what led him to the decision to stop drinking. It might have been too late to stop the sissy sex though

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