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Kinky Racial Humiliation Phone Sex Chats With Mistress

If you are looking for taboo phone domination and want it to be race play then look no further. In the world of BDSM, taboo is my favourite section. I love getting close to the edge and pushing the boundaries. It keeps things interesting.

There are lots of areas that are covered by the taboo umbrella but one of my favourites is race play and racial humiliation. Race is a touchy subject in the current environment but in the femdom community it is extremely popular, and one of the biggest taboo subjects I get asked for.

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I have over 20 years of experience in the world of female domination with webcam, phone, text and real-time which has given me a wealth of knowledge to give you the type of raceplay session you are craving.

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Kinky Adult Phone Sex With A Busty British Girl

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Call me now to be brought down to size. Listen to my cutting words, acid tongue and the way I spit vitriol of racial hate towards you. I have the ability to make you feel worthless, pathetic and ashamed of your skin colour within seconds. Nothing can prepare you for the race-play fantasy session you will get if you call the number above and come through to me.

With my wealth of experience, I am more than capable of knowing exactly what to say, where to push the limit and where the line is. There is nothing I won’t say or do during a session so no matter how hardcore, how explicit or how degrading you want it to be, just let me know.

Many Dommes are wary of taboo areas and will try to avoid them at all costs. Not me though. I love them. Whatever it is you want, from light race play to hardcore raceplay fantasy roleplay, I am the domina you dream of finding.

Kinky Adult Phone Sex With A Busty British Girl

I love humiliating and degrading men. It gives me such a feeling of power and control. And racial humiliation gives me even more power. More control. I love beating men down with race-play insults.

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Don’t be fooled by my soft, inviting voice. I will pull you into my world and make you feel safe before I get inside your head and find all your fetishes and fantasies. I have a natural way of manipulating men into being desperate to reveal everything to me, and this is what sets me apart from racial humiliation.

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It is so taboo that many men feel uneasy even asking for it, never mind telling a Mistress what they actually want. With me, you won’t even realise you have revealed it because I will have manipulated you so much, and gotten inside your head, that I will know what you want even before you know yourself.

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I am available now to give hardcore, extreme raceplay to men of all races. Black, light-skinned, Asian, Latino or even white men with specific race humiliation fantasies, I can take you all and give you what you want, need, crave and deserve.
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