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Performing for Your Mistress and Her Friends

This is a primer for those of you who want to make your Mistress happy and entertain her in many ways. That’s all of you, right? Of course, it is! Prepare to take notes because after this it will be inexcusable to not know what to do in a situation where you are the entertainment at a party.

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When you are performing for me and my friends some rules must be followed. This is your chance to find out what some of those are before you do something that does not please your mistress and you end up being punished instead of enjoying yourself. After all, if I have to stop having fun to correct you, well then you know you are in some serious trouble! The point is to keep the fun going with minimal discipline from me.

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Follow  the  sissy Rules

First of all, you should never forget who is in control. No matter how many other people are there, your Mistress is the one in control. When you are at a party, it can be very distracting, I know that.

After all, my friends are all super hot and sexy, and many of them are also Mistresses, but that does not mean that you can do as you please or expect to act differently than your Mistress has instructed you. As long as you keep that in mind, you will be on the right path. See Mistress for the best sissy phone sex 

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I understand that sometimes my friends can be so sweet and tell you that you are cute and nice and even maybe ask you to rub suntan lotion on their firm sexy bodies. So, would you? No!

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You would instead come to me and ask permission first, after all, I am the one in control and you do not make decisions without my okay. This doesn’t mean however that you can be rude to my friends. Oh no no! You have to politely tell them that you aren’t able to make your own choices and will be back as soon as you’ve asked your Mistress what to do.

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Straight Guys Should Try It Too

A month or so later I had another hot cock sucking experience when I coerced a man who told me he wasn’t going to do it, into giving it a try – for me. *wink* This was another one of my slaves.

He was straight and had no idea how hot it would be to suck another guy’s cock. Unlike the sissy before him who knew they wanted to but didn’t want to admit it to me or anyone else for that matter, this slave had no idea that this would be demanded of him.

This time I told him to come over for some slave training. When he arrived at my door I pulled him into my living room and onto his knees.

That’s where my slaves do their best learning. I told him that I was having a conversation with my friend, who was big, gorgeous and half-naked on my sofa, and he was to silently do as he was told. I then made him my footstool for an hour or so. He obeyed without complaint.

My friend and I went on talking and finally, we turned to the subject of sex. He then casually said that he would love to have his cock sucked by my slave.

I felt my footstool move under my legs. I ordered him to be still. After a few more minutes of negotiation, I removed my feet and told the slave to go over to my guest and suck his cock. He looked at me and I saw that he was white as a sheet. I thought for a moment he would flat-out refuse my demand. It was in his eyes. Then he resigned himself to his fate and went and did what he was told.

Afterwards, both men told me how much they enjoyed each other. It was hot to watch. I wanted to join in the fun, but stopped myself because I am a FemDom Mistress and I have control (unlike some of you guys) beside it’s more fun to watch and then play with my other Mistress friends later!