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One thing all Dominas love above all else is ball-busting. To brutally kick, punch, stomp, cane, whip, slap or electrocute those useless cock and balls of yours is their ideal session.

Ballbusting Cam Chats

Ever wondered what it is like to be exposed in front of a dominant, powerful woman as she knees you hard in the balls and brings you to your knees? Get ready for the best ball-busting phone chat, UK ball-busting, USA, Canada, and worldwide adult phone chat lines 


Want to see that sadistic look in her eyes and smirk on her face just before she kicks you square in the nuts? Then look no further than this live femdom webcam site.

Ready for some severe ball-busting? I love to watch you fall to the floor as I kick you hard, or when I tell you on my  

On here, whichever Dominatrix you session with, you can rest assured that Mistress loves busting your balls!

What Is Ballbusting?

Ballbusting is the art of totally and willfully abusing a man’s genitals with extreme force and brutality. Cock and ball torture has limits whereas BB is almost no limits to the abuse of male balls. It is the next stage up for CBT and is almost as hardcore as femdom and BDSM can be.

“I love ballbusting in every form possible. I just can’t get enough of seeing the fear in your eyes and hearing the grunts as I connect with your nuts.

From having you stand against a wall as I knee you hard in the balls, to making you lie on the floor and I stand all over your junk, pressing my feet or boots in hard as well as kicking them and twisting my high heel into them.” – Mistress Veronica, an extreme ballbusting expert


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If you are brave enough and want to please me by accepting my abuse of your assets, then join me in a live session now.

Verbally Abusing Slaves Before Ballbusting on Cam

They love dealing with slaves on webcams about ballbusting. Tell you what to do as they watch and enjoy them, destroy themselves for their amusement and at their command.

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This is all about their power over you. Then, your Mistress has the control to kick you hard in the balls or to wack you hard enough to bring a tear to your eyes, and you have no choice but to take it.

If this is something you have often thought about and it’s something you want to experiment with, then come to a BDSM Cams session now, and you can discuss it with an experienced, cruel Mistress.

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There are hundreds online at any given moment, and they are all highly experienced in the world of ballbusting and cock and ball torture.

They also enjoy ball stretching, so may decide that whilst you are on a webcam with them you can experiment a little bit.

Whichever mean bitch you choose to submit to, they will love to see the look on their weak slave’s faces as they order them, again and again, to smack their balls hard, punch them, hit them with canes or wooden spoons, and if they see a tear in your eyes then that makes them very happy indeed.

This is a favourite session of most Dominatrix cam hosts. The rush of adrenaline, the surge of power, and the total control over being able to inflict so much pain on a hapless male creature all combine to create an immensely enjoyable session.

They make it their mission to bring tears to your eyes and for you to fall to the floor in a crumpled heap, sobbing and begging for mercy.

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Be warned. Cock and ball torture is one thing, brutal ballbusting is something else entirely. This is beyond having your balls slapped or 20v shot through your cock with an e-stims machine. This is full-force kicking, no-holds-barred punching, trampling by feet or by boots, and whacks with canes. 

Anything goes but it is a good idea to utilize the free femdom cams facility and talk to your chosen Mistress about your limits. Whilst this is a hardcore activity, it is still BDSM and as such the limits need to be agreed upon, enforced, and respected.  

Ballbusting phone sex chat  – with UK Mistress

To stand on any weak man’s balls and hear them beg you to get off gives a Mistress such a rush.

Weak slaves and subs, whether it be restraining them or leaving them free but making them use their willpower not to interfere or stop her attack, will all suffer at the hands of these divine but cruel Dominas. 

Your anguished grunts as they dig deep with their high heels or bounce on top of your little marbles will make them laugh. Your pained cries as you yelp for mercy when they kick you between the legs will make them excited. Watching you fall to the ground with tears in your eyes will only cause you to spur them on to abuse and torture you harder.

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No matter what level you are at, if you want to go a step further than simple cock and ball torture then there is a Domina online for you now.

Blondes, brunettes, redheads, teens, milfs, grannies, BBW, white, black, Asian, you name it and she is here for you and available right now. 

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So if you are looking for a ball-busting bitch then you are in the right place. Join today and enter at your own peril.

There are hundreds of ballbusting babes available at any time of day or night and they are all itching to get their hands on a useless, squirmy little male creature like you. They love to abuse, torture, and torment you till you are nothing but a crumpled heap on the floor at their feet. They all have ruthlessly sadistic tendencies and the word mercy does not even feature in their vocabulary.

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These are mean bitches online and they have zero compassion for any man who has the misfortune to fall into their path. You have been warned