Cuckold Stories

Cuckold Story

Cuckold Phone Sex is the perfect way for a submissive husband to worship his Wife/Mistress. 

One day you are the man of the house, the next day you are a cuckolded husband and there is no turning back.  Thank you so much, Laney, for this wonderful cuckold phone sex tribute.

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Part One

My heart was pounding, my head spinning.  I remember saying to myself, “How has it come to this?” 

There I was, in a plush hotel room in New Orleans, on my knees with a very thick 9-inch cock only inches from my face. 

It had been 3 years ago, but it only seemed like last week when my wife, Bella, had opened the subject of cuckolding with me. 

Although I was very apprehensive about it, I certainly understood her feelings on the matter. 

After all, she was the most sexually stunning and alluring lady I had ever encountered. 

She had quite a few boyfriends and lovers before we met, and as she had so gently and masterfully explained to me,

most all were well endowed so she had grown accustomed to certain expectations when it came to sexual pleasure. 

She lovingly explained that while no one had ever captured her heart until she met me she loved me more than anyone

she ever had before, she just couldn’t shake the overwhelming desire, lust, and need that had been building inside of her. 

She explained how that even though I had the passion, stamina, and enthusiasm necessary to be a great lover,

the barely 5 inches I had to offer her always left her lacking and craving more.

From day 1 of our relationship, she had been the aggressor and it seemed natural for her to take the lead in all things regarding us. 

This was so refreshing to me.  After all, I had had so much responsibility forced on me at such a young age,

that having someone that I trusted and who cared for me willing to make decisions and relieve stress in my life was a dream come true.

  Our relationship was ideal for Bella as well since all the men in her life had tried to make her theirs

instead of realizing she was her own person and belonged to no one. 


I was so captivated by her because the girls from my previous relationships were all so submissive

and insisted that I take the lead in everything.  Now I had a beautiful woman, not only wanting but insisting that she be in control.

  She was very assuring that she had my best interest at heart and would always make decisions based on what was best for our relationship and future.

When Bella first brought up her desire for an additional lover, she did it in such a way that I felt I would be an awful husband if I protested.

  In the back of my mind, there was fear of losing her, but she continually reaffirmed her love for me

and I actually found myself wanting her to have as much pleasure and satisfaction as possible, even if it wasn’t with me.

  After all, she was so deserving of anything and everything she desired. 

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My only request was that she not contact any of her former lovers so that anyone

she fucked would be someone she had never slept with before.  She was agreeable to this, and so it began.

Stay tuned for the rest of this cuckold phone sex tribute to Fetish Queen Bella.  

Every Hot Wife should have a nice little cucky hubby at home so that she can get the lovers that she really deserves.


Thank you for waiting for Part 2 of this incredibly hot Cuckold Phone Sex Story 

Both of us believe that a cuckold relationship is the best way to worship the Goddess that you call your Wife.

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Part Two

As I knelt there in the hotel room, I remembered her telling me of her first encounter. 

It was with an Italian business owner named Anthony who was 58 years old. 

He was divorced, very wealthy, had an 8-inch cock, and quite possibly the thickest she had ever experienced. 

He was a client of her friend Reese, and she had met him at a dinner party Reese was hosting to promote her favourite charity. 

Bella told me how there was instant chemistry between the two of them, and how Reese had given

Anthony had a knowing smile and wink when she introduced the two of them. 

He was 6 foot 3 with lightly salted dark hair, a lean yet muscular body, and dark brown eyes.  

I recalled how she recited the details of that evening to me when she returned home. 

How she almost didn’t go through with it for fear of it damaging our relationship.

  But she found Anthony so overwhelmingly sexy and attractive that she kept allowing him to go just a bit further and further.

  They flirted for a couple of hours over cocktails and then sat with each other at dinner. 

As the evening went on he was becoming more comfortable and confident. 

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He began to touch her as they conversed and that led to him caressing her inviting body as the evening progressed. 

As they slow danced after dinner, Anthony pressed his very impressive cock into her.

  She couldn’t help but run her hands over his sizable member, tracing the outline through his trousers.

  She told me how her panties were soaked like they hadn’t been in years as she felt his cock.

They found themselves alone in a parlour and once he kissed her, there was no turning back.

  She told me how she sat him down on the leather sofa and unzipped his pants.

  How she gasped as it sprang free to meet her hungry lips.  She took her time sucking his cock, savouring every meaty inch,

teasing the large mushroom head that she knew would be stretching her starving little pussy in a few moments. 

She ran her soft wet tongue up and down his shaft.  His heavy smooth balls tightened as she stroked her dark red nails lightly over them. 

She described how large and powerful his cock looked in her delicate small hands. 

Bella loves pre-cum, something I rarely produce. 

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She was so excited that Anthony gave her a seemingly endless supply of his clear slippery fluid.

  She rubbed it all over his massive head and substantial girth. 

Her juices flowed freely with the excitement of being able to gag herself on this prize of a cock,

something she hadn’t been able to do in the 5 plus years of our marriage. 

When she could no longer take it, she pulled her drenched panties to the side and began to sink herself down

on his now completely engorged manhood. 

Although she said she was wetter than she had ever been, it had been years since

she had had something so massive invading her soft smooth cunt. 

She relished each inch as it slowly opened her up, overpowering her delicate pussy, wonderfully widening her beyond what she imagined until she was completely impaled on her newly found addiction.  She took a few moments to allow herself to adjust and accommodate Anthony’s cock, and then she began her ascent to nirvana. 

As she slowly started to move up and down his giant shaft, within seconds her first orgasm grabbed hold of her a violently shook her whole body for what seemed like an eternity.  It was so powerful, she wondered if she had the strength to continue.  As her perfect body went limp from ecstasy, Anthony held her firmly and stood up. 

Bella managed to keep her legs wrapped around his masculine waist as he carried her over to the chez lounge chair in the corner of the dimly lit parlour.  He laid my delirious wife on her back, never allowing his huge cock to leave her.  He began working his thick cock slowly in and out of her, allowing his mammoth head to reshape her now very pliable pussy into his own.  As he reached under her and began massaging my wife’s tiny asshole, another orgasm rocked her body.

  Even before that one had subsided, she felt another building deep inside her.  As she felt Anthony turning her supple pussy walls to a molten mound of cream, she involuntarily rolled her hips forward and felt something pop inside of her.  Make sure to check out and chat with Mistressvonn for top cuckold phone sex chat

At that point, she nearly passed out from the countless orgasm that began coming wave after wave.  She said she remembered looking into Anthony’s smiling brown eyes as he was now making her cum at will. 

She vaguely remembered his body tensing up and feeling his cum overflowing her,

and Anthony putting her panties and dress back in place.  The next thing she remembered was Reese’s smiling face waking her up at 5 AM and driving her home.

Until that night, even though my cock was a mere 5 inches, I had always been able to make Bella come.  My cock was shaped in such a way that it stimulated a spot in her pussy when we moved just right.  After that night, my little member was never able to bring her to a climax again. 

You see, Anthony’s cock was shaped exactly like mine…only nearly twice as long and over twice as thick!  Her body that I worshipped and adored so had betrayed me that night.  When she instinctively rolled her hips forward allowing Anthony full access, he stretched her in such a way that the spot I once stimulated disappeared.  So what began as a little extra action on the side for my hot wife was now a necessity for her sexual satisfaction.

Fetish Queen

As our relationship has evolved over the last few years, Bella has become more controlling and dominant in every aspect of our relationship.  And now here I am, in this hotel room, on my knees.  Bella stroked my hair with one hand, the other holding the base of this enormous cock.  As I slightly shift my weight, I hear the little bell she placed on the chastity device, that she put me in two weeks ago, giving a little ding reminding me there will be no pleasure for me tonight.  As I look into her powerful eyes that are filled with so much love towards me, I whisper to her, “How has it come to this?”  A smile and girlish giggle is her only response.

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