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  Dominant Wife Phone Sex

I love nothing more than being the dominant wife in real life with my husband and also roleplaying the dominant wife in a phone sex roleplay scenario on a webcam show.

So if you want to call and have me be your dominant wife and give you orders you must follow, then call the number below. I am not just a dominant wife; I am a cruel female who enjoys humiliating loser men and bringing them down a peg or two. 

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As a dominant housewife, you will know that I am never pleased I am always on your case nagging you about something, making your life miserable, I don’t care if you just want to sit down and watch a bit of TV not gonna happen loser you have chores, I will make your life a real misery and describe this to you when we are chatting on the phone.

You are no more laid back, comfortable lazy days when your dominant phone sex wife is on the go. So if you are ready to experience what the hell awaits you, then call the number below.

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Below is a gallery  of my  dominated Husbands that I have used in real sessions and via phone and webcam

Being a dominant wife includes not allowing my slave husband to cum, locking him up in chastity, milking him anally, and having him watch as his wife enjoys sex with other men, similar to a cuckold scenario 

I will ensure your life is no longer bearable as I continue to give you more and more tasks every day and make you work extra hard for me. You will be punished if I feel you are not obeying me properly. So call me now for instructions on how to be my slave on the phone.

Uk mistress is the dominant wife who enjoys giving orders to her submissives in a phone sex session. So call me now to hear your dominant wife bark orders at you and demand you do her chores, both physical, mental and sexual.

 Like big tits? Well, your dominant, kinky phone sex wife from the Uk has huge big tits, and she enjoys then being worshipped via the phone so if you are ready for some naughty cleavage tease phone sex then click here.

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