20 Cuckold Humiliation Ideas

Cuckold Humiliation –

Being made a cuckold is among the worst humiliations a slave may experience. Constantly getting nothing because your wife, girlfriend, or mistress thinks you are so unimportant and inferior that she sleeps with other guys, sucking their cocks and letting them play with her juicy big tits.

She never gives you any pleasure; the only time she touches your cock is to torment it with cbt. However, a Dominatrix may find that being a cuckold is not always sufficient.

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She occasionally wants to slap her slaves in the face with it. Make certain that he knows all she does with other men—real men—while her little runt of a slave receives nothing.

Each Mistress is well aware that her slaves love the ground they walk on and idolise them and that they secretly want her to take care of them and have sex with them, but that will never happen. She would have to lower herself too far even to allow you to touch her.

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As a result, you will have to accept that she fucks other guys with large cocks, and you, with your little stub, will have to become her cuckold. When a mistress makes it a point to let you know what she gets up to with large dick studs, they adore hearing your miserable voice and seeing the despair in your eyes.

For many mistresses, the power they gain from torturing their slaves by being a cuckoldrix is a great turn-on.

Check out our 20 JOI Ideas and Techniques

The top 20 methods your superior Mistress may cuckold you are mentioned here. There are many various ways she can make you a cuck so she can torture you till you cry.

1 –Make you pay attention as she talks to you about her sexual encounters.

She will receive a great deal of sadistic pleasure from making you sit and listen as she talks to you about her most recent sexual adventures and all she did with her real male lover since she knows how much you want and craves her.

Before going into detail about how hard she came and how large her orgasm was, he spoke about how big his dick was, how thick it was, how she gave him a great blowjob, how he filled and stretched her pussy, and of all the other positions they did.

She may either make a big deal out of shoving it in your face or she can just say it as it is, and the outcome will be the same in either case.

2 – Make you witness her with a different man.

The height of cuckold shame. having him fuck her after forcing him to watch her suck another man’s cock. You can be asked to stand in the corner, get on your knees next to the bed, or face the wall. It’ll be awful for you to witness them kiss, her putting her legs out for him before taking his cock in her mouth and then witnessing the joy on her face as he fills her. As he slams her hard, she could ignore you or she might smirk and stare directly at you. Making her cuck watch is a great turn-on for many cuckold Mistresses.

Have you assisted her in getting ready for a date with a genuine man?

She will further underline this reality by asking you to assist her in getting dressed as if it weren’t awful enough that she is going out with another man who is far better than You. having you put on her stocking, fasten her bra, dry her hair, and zip up her dress while she puts on her makeup. A subtle yet powerful technique to let her know your status is to assist her with getting dressed or even buying the outfits.

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4 – Demand payment for intimate apparel her lover will savour.

Among the worst humiliations imaginable, Imagine how awful it is to be made to pay for an outfit that every guy wants to see on a woman—skimpy panties, a matching bra, stockings, and suspenders—while another man gets to enjoy it on her.

He will have the opportunity to grope her boobs beneath her bra, running his hands over her underwear and silk-covered legs—all of which YOU paid for.

She may ask you to go shopping with her to choose to clothes and make the payment, or she may just charge your card and let you know later through text. In any case, you have spent a lot of money on lingerie for a stunning woman who will only be enjoyed by another man, leaving you with nothing.

5 – Ignore you while she speaks to her partner on the phone.

She won’t pay attention to you when she calls up her lover and converses with him while ignoring you after you’ve given her everything she needs or signed on and clicked her private session on her  femdom cams page. You can hear her chuckle while you sit in silence and hear the thrill in her voice as she talks about their most recent date and what they did afterwards. You can also hear all the graphic details of what they did. You won’t be able to move, so you’ll simply have to sit there and do nothing while she chats to a real man.

Have you heard her engage in phone sex?

When he calls, she will make you sit or kneel and force you to listen while they have phone sex if her partner is unable to be there to fulfil her in front of you. You will be forced to listen to her talk about how she would fondle his balls, suck his cock, and how wet she is becoming as she touches her breasts and slides a hand between her legs. She chuckles and pauses as he speaks to her, turning her on, so you can only imagine the chat he is having with her.

Make you fasten a strap.

She will make you degrade yourself by forcing you to worship and suck on her large rubber cock since your small little pin dick isn’t strong enough to handle the situation. forcing you to your knees while standing in front of you, putting it up to the camera inches from your face, and making comments about how her dick is bigger than yours while mocking your flaws. She will force you to describe how a genuine cock appears while she wanks and strokes it. You must be impressed by its size and bulk. How much better is it than your thin pindick, specifically?

Make you put on a strap.

She won’t hesitate to bend you over, push a large, thick strap up your ass, and fist you with it to uphold your place in her life. It will increase her control over you and make you feel inferior.

She fucks you, so you don’t even get to fuck her. She will make you feel completely degraded while hammering your arse until your eyes start to water. Verbal abuse frequently includes a  pegging humiliation  as well. She will fuck you in the ass and make you feel like a complete faggot afterwards. Why shouldn’t you be treated like a bitch if you aren’t a true guy in the first place?

Force you to wear panties 

Why should you wear male briefs or boxers if you’re not a real man? She will give you a pair of flowery underwear or scanty knickers to wear. It will serve as a helpful reminder that you are not a genuine guy and would be just as comfortable as a sissy. Being made to wear sissy pants by a superior female is extremely embarrassing for men and will make you realise that you are not important or manly enough to wear male clothing. She could also call in her actual guy boyfriend to further humiliate you by making you wear her underwear in front of him. 

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10 – Make you wear a Chastity

Why should that tiny object between your legs simply serve to make you feel good? It is of no service to any lady, and you wouldn’t know what to do with it. The day has passed when you could sit and spank your meat like a passionate adolescent. She will lock your dick in a plastic container that prevents relief and prevents erections.

She will make you watch as she sucks her lover’s cock and watches as his firm dick penetrates her as if being made to give up your orgasms and beg to cum wasn’t humiliation and torture enough. She may enjoy herself as you watch her being banged, knowing that you won’t be jerking off or playing with “her” stuff. She might also force you to perform humiliating duties in order to earn every orgasm you have.

11) Encourage you to compliment her partner for fulfilling her.

Does it not seem only just that you should praise him for doing what you are incapable of because you can’t get the job done and she has to find actual guys to take care of her sexual needs? She will drag him into the room, force you to bow down, and praise him for meeting her demands. You’ll also need to compliment his cock size and make a remark about how little yours is in comparison. You will appreciate what this man does. Both a mistress/slave scenario and a sub-husband/cruel wife roleplaying game can use this scenario.

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Each Domme on this site excels at the job and will provide you with all the biting insults, mocking glances, and spewing venom you could ever want. Naturally, they will also let you know that they fuck other men since you are not good enough. They will also force you to apologise for not being adequate.

time for punishment

Make you her fluffer, 

Even while some women enjoy the sensation of having a large, thick cock inside of them, some don’t enjoy sucking it first during foreplay to make it erect, which is where you come in. You can’t make her happy, so you may as well help. While you crawl between his knees, grab his giant cock in your mouth, and suck it till it becomes difficult for her to ride, she and he may make out and kiss. It is your responsibility as a fluffer to lubricate and prime it for action, and once you have done so, she will disregard you without a second thought.

Make you admire her lover, Big Dick 

She will either bring another man into the bedroom or to your cam cuckold domination session and force you to fall to your knees and worship his fat cock because it is only fitting that, given the size of your tiny little stub (or clit as she likes to call it), you show appreciation to real men who have proper cocks. Describing how wonderful it is, how amazing it is, how it will fill her, and how strong it must be. You’ll express your gratitude by kissing and adoring it, and you better persuade her that you really do.

15. Shave her pussy before a night out without explaining why.

She won’t explain why, and you both know better than to inquire, but you will both be aware of the reason. A gorgeous bitch like your Mistress or hot wife would shave everywhere before going out on a date or hanging out with her pals for only one reason. Knowing that you are shaving her for the pleasure of another guy, she will love the air of mystery as she watches you do it. She will also like keeping you guessing and not telling you. The additional humiliation of forcing her to cuckold shave her bald so that another man may enjoy it is simply the cherry on top, of course!

16 – Makes you stand on your knees and watch her wank another man’s cock.

She will have her boyfriend laying on the bed and she will lie next to him, looking at you with a sneer on her face as she bends over and takes his large cock in her mouth and sucks it. She may drag you into the room or force you to go on your knees and watch. As you sit transfixed watching the lady you admire sucking a massive cock like she’s furious at it, she will relish the look of desperation on your face as she makes groans and slurping noises. forced to observe every movement and listen to his ecstatic groans as she slurps till he completely fills her lips and she swallows him. Very embarrassing for you, I must say.

17 – Cover her lover’s taxi fee.

Imagine how embarrassing it will be if she phones you through and forces you to provide money to cover his cab fare as if her inviting another man to fuck her isn’t terrible enough already. Think about paying the cab driver who is going to fuck the woman you desire. It will be embarrassing enough to either give her money to give to him, give it to him personally, or pay the driver yourself, but just consider how embarrassing it could be if she asked you to explain to the driver why he dropped a guy off at a residence where another man had paid the fee. Just picture how humiliated you would feel.

Hold her underwear if she’s with another man.

She will have you hold her underwear while she has sex with her boyfriend after stripping off for him in an ultimate act of humiliation. She may first tuck them under her skirt. It will be humiliating for you to have to hold her panties while she is with another man, regardless of how she takes them off—she could do it last after everything else. Particularly given that you are now the closest you will ever be to her pleasure zone! Maybe she will hang them from the tip of your erection as a last-ditch effort to humiliate you and force you to keep them there while she finishes fucking? You are useless to any live woman if you have a hard-on, so why not put it to good use?

Hold her hand while she is penetrated 

Significantly while it is a humiliating deed in and of itself, it is even more effective if you are a husband and wife, at least in a roleplaying scenario. Although it may appear innocent, holding her hand as she is being ploughed by another man’s cock is a significant act of obedience and will increase her control over you. A perk is that it compels you to get closer so you can feel her hand and arm motions, as well as watch how her tits bounce when he ploughs her.

20. Make you masturbate in their presence.

Even if you could enjoy a secret wank session daydreaming about your Goddess, you keep it to yourself. Masturbation performed under supervision isn’t much joy. It won’t be enjoyable for you, and you won’t get anything out of it. You will kneel in front of them and spank your monkey while they both snigger, laugh, kiss, and chat about you. Being such a filthy little wanker in front of your goddess and her boyfriend will make it worse.

There you have it, then. There are 20 cuckold humiliation ideas that may be applied in real life or in a femdom webcam session. Each of these will make you realise where you belong and help you to clearly comprehend your position in her universe. as her inferior little cucky who licks her boot and kisses her feet.

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